Top 5 Sunglasses for Men

by Brendan Croft

As summer is currently in mid-flight for those of us that live in the Northern Hemisphere, I’ve been wearing a lot of what’s probably my number one accessory for summer: sunglasses. There is a plethora of different types, styles, and brands available, so it can be somewhat overwhelming to choose a pair of eyewear that suits you. Resting right in the middle of your face, good stylish sunglasses are essential to anyone’s outfit especially on a nice sun-soaked summer’s day. I have selected my top 5 sunglasses for men that each hit the perfect balance of style, class and sophistication, making them essential pieces in every stylish man’s wardrobe.

Schwood – Eugene select

Schwood Eugene Select sunglasses
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Amsterdam: a Day Trip From London

Amsterdam: a day trip from London

I genuinely think I can speak for all Aussies and Kiwis living in London when I say that there is very little in life that can generate as much excitement as the idea of a day trip to another country. From the city of Adelaide where I grew up, I had to drive for 8 hours (non-stop. No biggie) to hit the closest major city. And from there it’s another 12 hours to the next one. To fly to another country, the closest being New Zealand, is a flight of just over 4 hours. Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes: Celebrity Eclipse Cruise Ship

One of the things that surprised me most about the cruise I joined last year was the sheer size of Reflection, the Celebrity Cruises ship I was travelling on. There was so much to see and do on board that in the four days I called it home I barely scratched the surface. When Celebrity invited me to come and see another of their ships, Eclipse, in Southampton I was keen to delve a little further into all that a cruise ship has to offer.

Celebrity Cruises Eclipse

Once again, a day was hardly enough time to cover everything on board, but being on the ship when there were no passengers gave us the chance to sneak a peek into a number of different cabins and to explore the vessel more freely. Here’s what I learned from the experience:

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Things to do in St Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg is often called ‘Venice of the North’, but I beg to differ.

Sure, it’s built on a series of canals, but to compare it to the infamous Italian city is unfair. Russia’s St. Petersburg, although almost nothing like Italy, is a spectacular destination with its own identity that’s well worth taking the time to uncover.

Things to do in St. Petersburg Russia If you have more than a few days you can take the time to head outside of the main part of the city, to places like The Catherine Palace or Piskaryovskoye Memorial Cemetery, but for a 24 to 48 hour visit, make sure your itinerary includes the following sights and experiences in St. Petersburg, Russia. Continue reading

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Brendan’s guide: stylish travel for men

It’s not just ladies who want to look stylish while they travel, and yet there are hardly any resources out there for the style-savvy gentleman hoping to look trendy on his travels.

Enter Brendan: well travelled, packs like a pro, knows where to find adventure in a new destination, and dedicated to looking stylish while he’s at it. Oh, and he’s my husband.


You’ll be seeing his face around this blog here and there, as he’s going to be writing tips on how a man can travel without having to look like a backpacker. Continue reading

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[Fort Point: Up Close & Personal With the Golden Gate Bridge]

Fort Point San Francisco It’s one of the most recognisable structures in the world; up there with the Eiffel Tower, Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. It was originally known as a thirty-five million dollar steel harp, but you and I just know it as the Golden Gate Bridge. An iconic emblem of the city of San Francisco; just mentioning the name evokes images of the orange vermilion structure glowing in the sunlight, San Francisco’s famous fog rolling in from the background. Thousands – no, probably millions of photos have been taken of this stunning bridge and yet when you’re visiting San Francisco it’s impossible to resist pointing your lens its way. Continue reading

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[24 Hour Guide to Moscow]

24 Hours in Moscow

Moscow is so many things at once; it’s surprising and yet very much how you expect it to be. It’s intimidating and imposing, but also warm and inviting. It’s modern and at the same time so very traditional. It’s beautiful and forbidding. 24 hours is never enough time to delve beyond the surface of a city, but sometimes it’s all you have to work with. If you find yourself in the Russian capital with limited time, here’s a 24 hour guide to Moscow that will allow you to see the highlights and to experience the contrasts that make it such a fascinating destination. Continue reading

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Hotel Review: Four Seasons St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg was a city I fully expected to like: a number of people had told me of its beauty, I’d been frantically adding images of the destination to my Pinterest board and before we arrived I devoured the final page of The Bronze Horseman. I had high expectations, but they were exceeded and during my visit I truly fell in love with this enchantingly beautiful Russian city.


An important lesson I have learned throughout my travels is that where you stay is everything. I have visited the same cities multiple times and stayed in various accommodations, and there is a direct correlation between the quality of my accommodation and how much I enjoyed my stay. This doesn’t necessarily mean that lodgings must be pricey – I have stayed in truly fabulous hostels before – but believe me when I tell you that where you stay will set the tone of your visit, so be sure to choose wisely. Continue reading

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