A prelude to summer

This morning I was woken up by the sun streaming on my face…yes, that’s right: the sun! After a few weeks of grey, rainy, depressing weather the sun has decided to grace us with its presence this weekend.

And what a difference the sun makes to the city of Vancouver: people are out and about, smiling, and wherever you go you overhear snippets of conversation such as “isn’t this weather beautiful?” or “I can’t wait for Summer”. The city not only comes alive from our uplifted moods, but it also becomes breathtakingly beautiful. Blue sky contrasts snow-capped mountains, white masts of yachts stand out against brilliant blue water, cherry blossoms are bursting with colour and the city’s plentiful greenery looks more vibrant than ever.

Feeling more than satisfied after my first ever dim sum experience today (more to come about that later), my friends and I decided to take advantage of the stunning weather and headed to the village of Steveston in Richmond, B.C. Seeing Steveston has been on my ‘to do whilst living in Vancouver’ list for some time now so I jumped at the chance to venture down and briefly explore the small fishing village.

We started by strolling along the docks, where moored boats display and sell their freshest catch. For just $4 I bought a two pound bag of freshly caught shrimp, which has now inspired me to cook a Spanish paella this week. From the fish market, we walked along the dyke, admiring the beautifully painted houses, the eagles flying overhead and the beautiful views across the water; we could see as far as Mt. Baker in Washington, as well as the mountains on Vancouver Island, which made for an amazing panoramic view.

Before heading home we grabbed an ice cream and perused the beautiful boutique homeware stores; I could have spent hours looking at the hundreds of cards, stationery, bath and beauty items and teas at Nikaido Gifts, my favourite of the stores, which I walked out of with a couple of amazing cards for some loved ones.

The drive home was no less beautiful, as the mountains of the North Shore and beyond were spread out in front of us – a classic view of a beautiful city which I will sorely miss.

Copyright Dave Kemp; taken from www.stevestonivillage.com

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