Some things I love…

Some things I am loving right now:

1. The Daily Nail

One girl’s mission to wear a different nail design for 365 straight days…impressive to say the least!

check out her guns!

2. vol25 on Etsy

This Etsy store sells the cutest prints I’ve seen in a long time. Some are inspirational and others are just plain adorable.

an awesome motto to wake up to

3. Capes

I have been wanting a cape for a few years now, ever since seeing Christine Daae’s in the 2004 film Phantom of the Opera. I still hadn’t found one that I love until I stumbled upon this incredible reversible cape today; a giveaway on the blog calivintage, by We Move Vintage

I am devastated that the contest is only open to US residents…I guess I will have to continue my search…

the perfect cape

4. The beach

Although it’s heading into winter here in Australia, the weather is still gorgeous; sunny and hovering around 20 degrees C during the day – I really couldn’t ask for anything better. While I am here in Adelaide I am going to try to get to the beach as often as possible (just as soon as I get some wheels); this is the local beach, Glenelg:

Image from

5. Brogues

Possibly my favourite style of shoe; these go with everything. I had to throw out a pair of overly-worn and scuffed brogues from Forever 21 when I left Canada and now I am searching for an affordable pair here – anyone got ideas? I love these ones from ModCloth, but am hoping to find a similar style locally:

Brogue-mance Flats from ModCloth

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