While I was in the midst of trying to sell/pack/give away my possessions before leaving Vancouver, I spent one lunch break meeting a man who I had contacted through Craigslist to buy one of my kitchen pots. I was striding purposely down West Georgia Street when a young woman in fabulous black cowboy boots stopped me and asked to take a photo of my outfit. I was absolutely flattered that Eyeliah of The Eyeline, a Vancouver street style blog, wanted to photograph me, especially since I was wearing no makeup and hadn’t bothered with my hair!

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Check out Eyeliah’s blogs; she writes¬†The Eyeline and also her personal style blog Style Symmetry. Thanks, Eyeliah for your kind comments!

On a side note; I realize that the only posts I have written regarding what I am wearing have been of this very same Forever 21 skirt. I assure you, I do wear other clothes. And I promise I will have some more varied posts coming very soon!

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