Winter Wedding

Having just been to a beautiful wedding on Saturday, I am in the wedding mood and starting to get excited for another one that I am lucky enough to be attending in about three weeks. The only tricky thing is that it is a winter wedding. An outdoor winter wedding. Which leaves me with an outfit predicament: how do I remain classy without compromising my warmth (and health)? I’m thinking that layers are the best way to go, but I am still undecided as to how to pull off a polished, practical look for my friends’ special day.

Anyone have ideas for winter wedding looks?

Here is one idea I am playing with, based on things I already have in my wardrobe; it’s always great to save money, but way more fun to spend it on a brand new outfit!! Polyvore is so great for this kind of situation; where you want to see a whole outfit put together without having to try it on!

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