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Today was a weird day for me, emotionally. I feel quite unsettled at the moment and as a result, my emotions are on a bit of a rollercoaster journey. Today I was training in a new job and although it’s good security and I do enjoy the work, there is something about being trapped in yet another 9-5 office environment that makes me feel like I want to jump on my desk and dance, scream or cry across the cubicles…just something to show some emotions and personality!
When I got home from work after a long and frustrating drive through traffic, I stumbled upon the website of French designer Vanessa Bruno. A video automatically plays when you enter the site, and it is so beautiful, quirky and charming that it captured me right away. I felt like it mirrored my turbulent emotions, and it lifted my spirits with its melodic soundtrack and whimsical beauty:

Discover the film “ Le bel été ” with Lou Doillon and Gonzales.

I had never seen Vanessa Bruno’s designs before, but have now fallen in love with her work; like the video, the clothes are a series of well-executed juxtapositions: colours, textures, structure and layers are assembled in perfect harmony.
Some of my favourites from the Spring/Summer 2010 collection are the sheer, lacy fabrics (aren’t those lace knee, wrist and foot bands adorable?!), the pops of bright colour and luxurious, unstructured layers.

Photo source: www.elle.fr

Photo source: www.designyoutrust.com

Photo source: www.style.com

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