Winter Sunshine

Winter in Australia is turning out to be quite a surprise, as it has been both colder and warmer than I had expected (yes, I have spent roughly 18 winters in Australia previously, but having been in more extreme winter conditions for two years, it feels like a brand new experience). On Thursday morning I went outside to my car and discovered that the front and back windscreens were frozen over. This morning, however, was sunny and warm, and all I needed to wear was a light cardigan, which was enough to put me in a great mood (that, and the coffee and pancakes I was woken up to. Thanks, hubby!)!

The Travel.

Frome Street mural, opposite Cibo Espresso

Brendan and I headed into the city for a coffee at one of our favourite cafes (Cibo) on Rundle Street. One of the main shopping destinations in Adelaide, Rundle Street is home to a number of restaurants, bars, cafes and designer stores. We ambled past the Sunday market stalls displaying crafts, food, wine and a small selection of clothing. We window shopped in over-our-budget boutiques such as Sass & Bide, Lisa Ho, Jack London, Zimmerman and Alannah Hill (love!) and then strolled in the sun to Rundle Mall.

Rundle Mall, a pedestrian only shopping strip, is known for two 2.15m stainless steel balls, public art referred to by most as the ‘Mall’s Balls’, as well as a number of bronze statues of pigs (also public art). Oh yes, and shops! Many of the buildings in the mall date back to the 19th century, making it a pretty shopping destination. We didn’t spend long there however (long enough to take a photo by the ‘Mall’s Balls’), as we were meeting a friend in Glenelg for some more Cibo coffee.

Glenelg on a Winter's day

Glenelg is one of our favourite locations in Adelaide; right on the beach, and with a selection of restaurants, cafes and shops, Brendan and I had many a date sitting on the wall by the beach (he proposed there), we lived a few blocks away when we first got married and I even worked at the short-lived Starbucks store at Glenelg. I love just sitting on the wall, people-watching, enjoying the beautiful ocean views and imagining the destination of the planes that fly off into the horizon.

The Food.

We didn’t eat while we were out and about today, as we’d had a late breakfast, but I did have two delicious lattes from Cibo Espresso. Brendan and I are snobby when it comes to coffee (when you’ve tasted Italian espresso, there’s really no going back to instant granules), and Cibo is one of the few places that fixes our craving for good coffee. Never bitter and always delicious, Cibo is a destination for coffee lovers in Adelaide.

Cibo coffee, enjoyed at Glenelg

The Fashion.

I can’t say I felt too fashionable today, in jeans, sandals and a tank top, but I do love the bright red ruffle cardigan my friend got for me (half price) from Kookai…thanks Lynne! It jazzes up a simple outfit and adds a pop of colour, and it’s small enough to keep in my handbag to throw on when it gets a bit chilly.

Jeans: second-hand; Lucky, sandals: borrowed from Sister-in-Law's wardrobe, tank top: H&M, ruffle cardigan: Kookai, necklace: General Pants Co, bag: gift; Sportsgirl

What do you add to a plain outfit to glam it up?

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