A Taste of France

Photo source: mulotspatisserie.com.au

One of the more unassuming store-fronts on the designer-saturated King William Street, Mulots French Pâtisserie only caught my attention due the fact that I am a (self-confessed) Francophile and seem to have an inbuilt radar that seeks out anything French.

I have been eyeing this patisserie every evening on my drive home from work but decided to treat myself today after yet another ridiculously boring morning at my desk. As I stepped inside Mulots, the warm smell of freshly baked, sweet pastry greeted me and for a moment I felt like I had been transported to the cobbled streets of Paris, where these smells are usually found wafting from under the awning of small cafés and bakeries.

The pastries on display were clearly the result of skill, experience and artistry, and ranged from savoury quiches, butter croissants and fruit tarts to small colourful macarons and home-made ice-cream. As I was waiting in line and trying to decide what to choose, a batch of pastry was brought out, fresh from the oven and smelling divinely sweet and rich. I selected one of these still-warm pastries; a tarte frangipane (pastry filled with an almond flavoured paste), as well as an orange macaron and a latte.

While my coffee was being made, I browsed their selection of local and imported specialty foods, such as tinned duck confit and crocodile pate. As I was browsing, I discovered a flyer advertising Mulots Patisserie Course 2010, and to my delight there is a ‘La Pate a Choux’ class being held this coming Monday. Mission: to convince Brendan that such a course is an important and wise way to spend $110.

Armed with a coffee and a paper bag filled with warm treats, I headed back to the office and didn’t waste a moment before testing this gourmet (and, according to my tactful colleague, bad-for-the-waistline) lunch.

The tarte frangipane was sensational: warm, not overly sweet, crisp on the top with a soft filling, aromatic, lightly flavoured, buttery, and mysteriously rich and light both at once. The macaron, whilst being perfectly flavoured and beautifully presented, was slightly overcooked and therefore dry and crunchy inside rather than slightly chewy and meringue-like. However, it tasted divine, and there were even tiny pieces of orange zest in the creamy filling which added a slight acidity and texture that perfectly complemented the sweetness and crunchiness of the cookie.

The coffee was also noteworthy; rich, creamy and not at all bitter, it may even rival my usual favourite, Cibo, just down the road, and comes with the added bonus of not having to contend with 100 sweaty, lycra-clad cyclists to order a latte!

Although I only have three weeks left in Adelaide, I’m going to make the most of this new-found treasure – there are so many more of their delicacies I need to try, and if I’m lucky, I may be attending a choux pastry lesson there next week.

Mulots Pâtisserie
143a King William Rd
Hyde Park SA 5061

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  • pixi says:

    YUM, i love frangipane tarts…. they are not hard to make either….. but maybe you shouldn’t go there :)

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