The (Vague) Plan

Brendan and I are constant, addicted travellers. Some people choose careers, kids, houses…but we just seem to keep being drawn to explore this big wide world we live in, and we love it!

To be quite honest, my ultimate aim in life is to outdo my Mum in terms of the number of countries I have visited; right now believe my count is sitting at 19, which still leaves me a fair way behind my globetrotting mother, but I plan to start catching up shortly.

For the past two years we’ve been living in Vancouver, Canada, which was an amazing experience in terms of the friendships we made, people we met, places we saw and adventures we embarked upon. One of my highlights was being able to pop over to the USA for the day, visiting Seattle to partake in some of the culinary delights on offer there. We also got to snowboard a lot more than we ever have before and, despite one broken bone, I was really grateful to have had the chance to board whenever I chose (or whenever the budget allowed!).

snowboarding at Whistler

However, our visas ran out and we also felt compelled to have a European experience. Our sights were initially on France, but due to some passport issues, that wasn’t going to be possible (for now), so we decided to apply for UK visas (well, a visa for me and a passport for Brendan). I travelled to Sydney for a day to have my fingerprints and photo taken (read about my day here) and within 10 days I received my visa in the mail. The following day, Brendan’s passport arrived!

where we originally hoped to live


So we’re off to England to live and work for up to two years. We don’t have a house or jobs yet, but we know all of this will come together when we arrive on September 7, after sojourning in Queensland, New York and Reykjavik (Iceland).

we can't wait to immerse ourselves in the English life


We’ll be so sad to leave our amazing friends and family in Adelaide and we’re just a little bit disappointed to be entering our third winter in a row; but we’re excited about what lies ahead, we can’t wait to catch up with our friends and relatives in Europe and we are just itching to do some short trips around Europe to bring my total countries visited closer to my target!

Watch this space for updates as we venture into the unknown…


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