In a few weeks I am excited to be attending a ‘Vintage Restyling’ class at Homemade London, where I will learn how to view vintage clothes in a modern light, and modify them so they match my vision. I have always been fairly bad at seeing beyond what’s right in front of me…for example, when I look at a dress I struggle to see the potential it could reach with a few simple adjustments, but I’m hoping this class will help me to change that!

In preparation for the class I need to send the instructor (Cecilia Chan of Round London) some information about my normal style or the style I would like to achieve. I struggled with this, as my style is somewhat of a fluid concept; I am experimenting and trying to cement a personal style, whilst having a very limited budget to do so and therefore not being able to wear what I really feel I want to. So to try and define my style a little, I browsed the internet for a few hours for pictures that inspire me, and these are the images I collected:

One of my favourite Audreys; effortless, casual style (and a Vespa!)

Another Audrey who captured my fashion-eye. French style is something I aspire to

I love masculine touches in a clearly feminine outfit

Modern but with a vintage twist

Lace with an unexpected accessory

So…from these images, I guess my style could be summed up as: vintage and feminine with masculine twists and a French influence! What’s your style?

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