Market Days

If you’re a fan of markets, put Portobello Road in Notting Hill, London on your list of places to go. The Saturday market is a feast for the senses: pushing your way through thousands of other eager shoppers you can buy anything from antique sporting equipment, jewellery and furniture to fresh groceries, ethnic meals and hand-made clothing. It’s easy to lose yourself in the sights, sounds and smells of this famous road and spend far more time than you anticipated just looking, eating and strolling.

That’s exactly what a friend and I did on Saturday morning: we arrived at Notting Hill at about 10:30am and only left at 2:30 or so due to a sudden downpour that threatened the crispy crust of our freshly baked ciabatta breads.

Here’s a taste of the sights of Portobello Road Markets:

Every inch in this store is dripping with vintage baubles and shiny things. It's almost impossible to walk out!

Books dating back hundreds of years

I think I need to start a collection of these beauties!

The crowds on Portobello Road

You may recognize the store front that inspired the bookshop in one of my favourite films, Notting Hill

Ruby red pomegranate

This little French stand sold saucisson in flavours varying from ostrich to horse and everything in between. I opted for a safe pork with rosemary. It was delicious!

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