Vintage Restyling Class in London

When I first arrived in London a friend recommended that I sign up to Living Social, a site that will emails you incredible deals every day to redeem in your city. One of the first deals I was emailed was a £48 voucher to attend any £99 workshop on offer at Homemade London. I immediately purchased the deal and registered for the Vintage Restyling class, run by Cecilia Chan of Round London. I had to wait over a month between booking into the workshop and attending on November 6 (yesterday), which was time enough to stock up on a few vintage items that needed reworking. My favourite was this dress, purchased at a thrift store and fitting about 10 sizes too large; but the fabric is so stunning and I knew all it needed was some modification to make it a cute summer frock:

My vintage restyling project

Yesterday my friend Shannon and I turned up at the Homemade London studio, eager to meet some like-minded restylers, learn some new skills and be inspired. We walked into the beautiful space and fell in love. I turned to Shannon and swooned “I love the wallpaper”. She replied “and by wallpaper, you mean everything, right?”, which pretty much summed up how I felt about the amazing collection of teacups, artwork, hatboxes, restyled clothes and framed items of lingerie and jewellery created in the other workshops they offer.

Exquisite bespoke wallpaper

We were greeted with coffee, tea and croissants, and sat down with 8 others to begin. Cecilia showed us some of the items she has previously reworked so we could see what can be made from a frumpy vintage piece:

Some of Cecilia's creations

Cecilia then came around to each of us to look at the clothes we had brought, and suggested what we could work on and how to achieve the look we wanted. We were set up with fancy Janome sewing machines which featured all the bells and whistles (those of us who weren’t sewing experts were given a quick crash course) and then we all knuckled down to commence pinning, sewing, measuring, cutting, trying on and chatting.

Working on my dress

The time just flew by and before we knew it champagne corks were popped and a huge lunch spread of pizza, salad and gorgeously rich chocolate cake and strawberries was set out for us to enjoy.

Bubbles and pins - a dangerous combination!

The four hour class just flew by, and although I made great progress with my dress, I didn’t quite finish it…I did, however, feel much more enabled to go home and keep making modifications myself, which is exactly what I will do (just as soon as I buy myself some sewing equipment!). I promise I will post pictures of the finished product once it’s done! I loved the vintage restyling workshop at Homemade London and would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in recycling clothes and making unusual modifications to otherwise boring pieces. The atmosphere is great, the supplies and equipment available are of excellent quality and the hospitality by owner Nicola left me feeling like I’d just been pampered for the day. I daresay I’ll be back, and hopefully to make some of these:

Results of the lingerie workshop

To sign up to Living Social, click here (you’ll get 5 ‘Deal Bucks’ to put towards your first deal). Note: you may have to set your city correctly as it tends to get your location wrong the first time you click the link.

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