Wardrobe Challenge: Day Twenty-Six

Sorry to be flipping back and forth between days, but I find it really hard to get a photo taken some days – our schedules have been super busy this week, so I’ve had to re-do my look from Friday today. On Friday there was no sign of snow, so I wore ballet flats, not thinking anything of it. At about midday, I looked out my window at work and there was still no sign of snow, until 5 minutes later when I looked again and there was a full-on blizzard happening! It was so sudden and so forceful, and within minutes the ground was white! I regretted my shoe choice, but in fact by the time I got home it wasn’t too bad. My feet got wet, but after I changed into my thermal socks and snow boots I felt much more cozy!

Day twenty-six

}} Zara camel coat, H&M shift dress, Primark cardigan, vintage scarf, blue tights (worn over black tights), Primark ballet flats, Forever 21 peacock brooch, earrings made by me {{

I fear I may be almost copying some of my older outfits (this is quite similar to day eighteen) – I have been struggling to come up with completely different ensembles, but in saying that, I am doing far better than I ever expected…I don’t think I’ve ever gone a week without wearing the exact same outfit twice; let alone 30 days! Next time I do a challenge like this (yes, I’m fairly sure there will be a next time!), I’ll have to work on looking completely different for each day, not just changing the colour of my tights!!

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