Vintage Finds in Brixton Village

This morning I ventured to Brixton to grab some sewing supplies (just for re-attaching buttons and whatnot; nothing fancy unfortunately!). After I’d bought what I needed, I met a friend and we ventured to the Brixton Village Markets for a coffee at Federation Coffee – a bright and funky cafe serving delicious coffee and various pastries and snacks. We both had a flat white and a piece of salted caramel slice; both of which were delicious! We wandered around the market stores, popping into the vintage shops to admire their teacups and cute clothes, and as we walked past one such store I noticed a book on the table outside, a book which I read and loved as a kid, called ‘The Fantastic Flying Journey’ by Gerald Durrell:

my favourite page in The Fantastic Flying Journey

It is a beautifully illustrated tale of two children who journey around the world with their great-uncle Lancelot in his flying house, on a mission to find Lancelot’s brother Percival. Along the way they meet various animals, who they are magically able to talk to, and learn about their habitats and the dangers they are facing. I wonder if this book was influential in my obsession for travel?! I bought the book and can’t wait to read it again soon.

After walking home from Brixton in the balmy 12ºC weather, I stopped past Starbucks to grab my new favourite drink:

Elderflower Pressé

So here I am, sipping my Belvoir Fruit Farms Elderflower Pressé, listening to The Black Keys’ Brothers, and blogging. I love Saturdays!

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