A Four Year Wedding Anniversary

wardrobe challenge: day fourteen. photo: Brendan Croft

{trousers: Reiss, shoes: Asos, top: gift from Mum (Cotton On), trench: gift from Dad (Esprit), locket: Bueno Style, earrings: birthday gift, wallet: Trimms}

Yesterday was a really important day for Brendan and I: our wedding anniversary! We have now been married for four years, and can’t believe the things we’ve done during those four years! 50% of our anniversaries have been spent on aeroplanes, and the other 50% have been fairly low-key – we’re not extravagant celebrators, and just love to share a bottle of wine and watch an episode of Chuck together…although we are going to do some fun stuff around London this weekend to treat ourselves.

Anyway, I digress…I wore my tuxedo trousers on day fourteen, but was so tired from birthday celebrations, and so sore from a rather intense gym session the day before, that I couldn’t handle anything other than flat shoes and a comfy top. I think I technically cheated by wearing these earrings which were given to me for my birthday, but as I didn’t actually buy them, I figure you’ll let me off the hook…right?

I also wore one of my favourite necklaces – my re-worked vintage locket by Vancouver designer Bueno Style. The pictures inside are of Brendan and I on our wedding day in Adelaide back in 2007:

Bueno Style locket

And…just for fun…here’s what I was wearing four years ago:

my wedding day. photo: Millhouse Photography

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