On My Birthday

wardrobe challenge: day twelve. photo credit: Brendan Croft

{dress: H&M, tights: Boots, shoes: Asos, cardigan: H&M, necklace: gift}

Today I wore my party frock to celebrate my birthday – I am officially 26 today, which means nothing much except that now I’m no longer eligible for a young person’s rail card (but I dodged that rule by getting it yesterday, just in the nick of time). But despite 26 being a relatively boring number, my day was far from boring. My friend Shannon, also a wardrobe challenger, took me out for a long and delicious lunch at her favourite restaurant in Soho called Bocca di Lupo (and yes, she wore that orange dress!)…Our meal went a little something like this:

– Olive stuffed with minced pork & veal (and then deep fried in crumbs)

– Mozzarella bocconcini (also deep fried in crumbs)

– Asparagus risotto with hazelnuts & gorgonzola

– Luganega (thin pork sausage with nutmeg, cinnamon & clove, served pink)

– Grilled porcini wrapped in guanciale

– Courgettes baked with parmesan, smoked mozzarella & basil

This was all accompanied by a tasty white wine and finished with a smooth Italian espresso. Decadent!

I am now sitting at home listening to my husband cooking me a birthday dinner (which I have to find room for somewhere) and singing along to Blink 182, which is pretty entertaining! I guess I should talk about my outfit a bit: this dress was always reserved for special occasions (weddings, my 25th birthday party), but I like how it can be casualised (I know it’s not a word, but it’s my birthday, so you have to go with it, OK?!) with a cardi, tights and flats. I have to admit though that I am a bit sick of this particular cardigan; I still love it, but have worn it on average once every three days so far in this challenge, so maybe I’ll give it a rest for a bit! I accessorized with a beautiful diamond cross necklace that my Mum got for me on my 21st birthday – I can’t believe that was a whole 5 years ago already!!

wardrobe challenge: day twelve. photo credit: Brendan Croft

Oh, and in case you don’t understand what the title of this post is in reference to, please watch this video!!

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