A Stylish Epiphanie: DSLR Camera Bag for Travel

{jeans: Banana Republic, shoes: Asos, top: Primark, cuff: Primark, sunglasses: Von Zipper, bag: Epiphanie}

A few months ago when my Dad asked me what I wanted for my birthday I was at a complete loss, until I remembered a gorgeous camera bag that I’d spied online, created by the fabulous brand Epiphanie. I’d been needing a camera bag since we’d bought our lovely Nikon D90 last year but I’d been hesitant to get something hideous, black & practical, which was all I’d ever seen before. So when I did a search online (I Googled the phrase ‘girly camera bag’ or something similar) and found the Clover bag, I was astounded that such a great looking bag could be so practical too!

Not only does it safely and comfortably house a DSLR camera and accessories, but it also has a section for a laptop and whatever other goods you need to carry around (wallet, keys, phone, sunglasses, water bottle, makeup bag – they all fit). The bag arrived last month (thanks Dad!!!) and I have been happily toting it around wherever I’m taking my camera ever since.

bag interior

I can’t recommend the Epiphanie Clover bag highly enough; if you love taking photos but hate carrying a black, ugly man-bag around with you everywhere, then this could be a good solution – and if you don’t need to carry a laptop around, Epiphanie has a range of smaller but equally cute camera bags available.

Do you have an SLR camera? Have you found a stylish alternative to the standard black bag?

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