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Last week I participated in a scarf swap, which a few other bloggers from the UK also got involved with. I was paired with the lovely Amanda from This is Great Britain, who sent me a gorgeously wrapped vintage silk scarf (and a card which basically combined some of the things I love the most: a birdcage and birds, a cupcake and a vintage teacup…perfect!) for me to style. The scarf is mostly red, my favourite colour, on a background of white with a bold, summery floral pattern. I know it will be a really versatile scarf for summer and even into Autumn, and I’m hoping to find more ways to wear square silk scarves because I now own a few of them. As I was wondering how to wear this new fabulous accessory yesterday, I stumbled upon this post by Keiko Lynn, a blogger whose style I really admire. I was inspired and tried it out immediately – I think for a first attempt it was an acceptable result:

{scarf: swapped with Amanda, top: Banana Republic, necklace: Primark}

I’ll definitely need some practice with creating headscarves; as easy as Keiko makes this style look, I still don’t think mine is quite right – perhaps it needs a double knot at the front? Also, I need to work out how to secure it without it feeling like it’s constantly slipping. Any tips would be much appreciated!

Thanks so much to Amanda for the gorgeous scarf, and thanks to all the other bloggers who participated – I can’t wait to see your looks!

How do you wear silk scarves? Do you have the same problem with the headscarf slipping out of place? What do you do to secure it?

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  • Amanda says:

    You are very welcome. I am so glad you like the scarf- and I thought you’d like the card too ;)

    The headscarf looks great! I also saw Keiko’s tutorial yesterday, and I think you did a great job on styling it. I’ve not done a headscarf yet- maybe will venture that style soon.

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