Paris: food; oh! the food

The food Shannon and I ate throughout our fabulous weekend away in Paris was, quite simply, divine. Every single bite of food we ate during the two days was delicious, and that almost never happens on holidays. Let me take you on a visual journey of our menus (I seriously should not be writing this on an empty stomach; I feel like I might pass out from the cravings)!

On our first night we chose to eat at my newly-discovered favourite restaurant: Le Poulbot (read about my past experience here). Despite having previously lived in France, Shannon had never tried escargot so I recommended the 6-snail starter to her and ordered the onion soup for myself, having tasted Brendan’s delicious serving on our last visit:

onion soup & escargot

We had ordered a pitcher of what we thought was a red wine from Côtes du Rhône, but which actually turned out to be a rather delectable rosé, which we enjoyed throughout our main courses of boeuf bourguignon (again) for me, and confit du canard for Shan:

tender and flavoursome duck confit

The following day we enjoyed a typically French breakfast of coffee and croissants (always a winner) which we ate so late that it was almost lunch-time. We weren’t very hungry for lunch but our Parisian friend suggested that we stop for ice-cream, and we’re so glad we did (I wrote a bit about it here) as it was quite possibly the best ice-cream I’ve ever tasted!

raspberry & rose. yes.

We chose our dinner location for that evening based on a recommendation from a friend; Le Bistrot d’Henri in the 6th Arrondissement, a small, cozy and friendly restaurant with a menu full of so many delicious seasonal dishes that it was sad not to be able to go back.

another charming Parisian restaurant

our saucisson apéritif

The Aussie couple sitting at the table next to us were so impressed with their meal that we decided to order the same; I can’t even remember what it was called, but it was a fillet of beef cooked so perfectly rare that I almost squealed with delight when I spotted the pink interior. The meat was served with caramelized shallots and a fabulously creamy gratin dauphinois that had been spiced with what I believe was white pepper; whatever it was, I was addicted. And sad to have finished my meal!

simply mouthwatering

We ate our dessert so quickly that I didn’t get a chance to take a photo, but I assure you that the layers of fresh strawberries, sweet chantilly cream and lighter-than-air sponge cake were as delicious as the main course! We went home barely able to move from being so full, but thoroughly satisfied with our second amazing meal of the holiday.

The following morning we ate a hearty breakfast at the hotel, then strolled to Ladurée on the Champs Élysées to pick up some of our favourite treats (we didn’t end up eating the macarons until we were on the Eurostar on the way home, by which time they were rather un-photogenic) and then ventured to the palace of Versailles. As we were admiring the opulent rooms, we spotted a sign for Angelina – a tearoom and restaurant that had been recommended to us by a local. We were ready for an indulgent snack so we ordered a hot chocolate (we’d heard it was incredible) and a pastry each. As we ordered, the waiter wished us good luck which I thought was strange until the hot chocolate arrived:

rich & delicious

The drink consisted of a jug of melted, dark, rich chocolate with a side of whipped cream to stir through. Divine. Honestly, hot chocolate doesn’t get any better than that, but by the time my chocolate tart arrived I could barely touch it!

almost too pretty to eat

The presentation was spectacular, and the intricate layers of rich, intense flavours and textures were unforgettable.

Shannon's treat of choice

After eating all that we could manage, we stopped at the displays in the front window to admire the many colours and shapes that adorned their shelves:

mille-feuille - I've already chosen this for my next visit!

sooooooo goooooood!

I love Paris. I love the sights, the sounds, the smells and, of course, the food! I miss French cuisine when I’m in England and I’m determined to learn how to replicate some of their best recipes at home.

What’s your favourite French dish?

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