Martini Spritziamo Event in London

Last week I read this blog post by the lovely Lara Lain about a Martini event that she attended which looked like a lot of fun. I emailed the Martini UK crew and they kindly offered me two tickets to their event on Saturday night, so my friend/dedicated blog reader/style buddy Shannon and I dressed up for a night of cocktails, manicures, eyebrow threading and glamourous fun.

The Future Laboratory, Shoreditch

The venue was The Future Laboratory, a funky conservatory-like space in East London’s Shoreditch – of course, with the event being held in Shoreditch we should have realised that the dress code would be all-black and über-trendy rather than the fun, colourful and feminine ensembles we’d chosen, but once we had each grabbed a delicious Martini Spritziamo cocktail we chilled out amongst the vegetable garden and enjoyed being pampered with eyebrow threading courtesy of Shavata Brow Studio, and fabulous O.P.I manicures:

Shan's colour of choice: Houston We Have A Purple!

Even after 5 days my nails are in almost perfect condition, which is extremely unusual for me, so I’m pretty impressed! I do love the O.P.I range and will usually purchase their fabulously-named colours because they tend to go on smoothly and evenly, and last longer than other polishes. Not wanting to compromise our fresh manicures, we daintily sipped our cocktails and enjoyed some of the mouthwatering Italian canapes that kept passing under our noses:

photo by Nick Andrews

Once our nails had dried, we joined the Martini masterclass, where we were taught how to recreate the refreshing cocktails we’d been sipping all evening:

Martini masterclass

photo by Nick Andrews

We followed the cocktail expert’s simple instructions and voilà! We had made a delicious cocktail with minimal effort…the recipe is as simple as this:

Fill a large wine glass with ice to the top

Pour 70ml Martini Bianco into the glass

Top up with 100ml soda water

Stir gently and garnish with a slice of lemon and a sprig of mint

the end result

The next day we ended up making these Martini cocktails for some friends and they were a big hit! They’re so easy to make and so refreshing; I’ll definitely be keeping a bottle of Martini Bianco handy from now on.

Thanks, Martini, for the fabulous night.

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  • beks says:

    That looks like great fun.

    A bit like the sleepovers we used to have as kids, but with alcohol and better food (and without the sleepover bit).

    beks xx

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