A Guide to Picturesque Prague

This past weekend I managed to increase my ‘countries visited’ count to 24. Hopefully by the end of the year I’ll reach 25, but I’ll write about that some other time. The latest country I was lucky enough to visit was the Czech Republic, namely the capital city of Prague, where we met some friends who were travelling around Europe from the USA. Honestly, although I knew the trip was coming up, I didn’t seem to have much time to think about it or get excited, and I certainly didn’t do any research so we arrived with almost no expectations, and were consequently blown away! Prague is an incredibly beautiful city and I spent the whole weekend captivated by the endless breathtaking views. I took about 250 photos, which I struggled to narrow down to around 20 – here’s a pictorial journey through our fabulous city break in the Czech Republic:

Hotel Neruda

I’d highly recommend the Hotel Neruda if ever you’re staying in Prague – the location is fantastic; away from the over-crowded old town and close to the stunning Prague Castle, where this design hotel offers reasonably-priced, neat rooms and a delicious breakfast.

astrological clock in the old town

Brendan with a smoked Czech sausage


building façades bursting with colour

Prague Castle

we love this city!

a beautiful view

one of many stunning doors

Prague Castle at sunset

another sunset shot (I seriously couldn't stop!)

traditional Czech goulash - yum!

Prague just after sunrise

Charles Bridge

such a stunning city!

pretty buildings

sunset over Prague

I had heard that Prague is beautiful, but I was never expecting to fall in love with the city like I did – it was such a wonderful weekend filled with sunshine, good food, amazing company, laughter, people-watching and strolling through one of Europe’s most beautiful cities.

What’s the most beautiful city you have visited?

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