Pan Am: when travel meets fashion

If you love fashion, travel and the glamour of travelling in the good old days when women dressed up for a flight and stewardesses were envied their jobs, then you’ll love ABC’s new TV series Pan Am. Set in the 1960’s, this light-hearted drama follows a group of pilots and stewardesses as they travel the world aboard the state-of-the-art Pan Am aeroplanes.

Pan Am

I think the standout element of this TV show is the wonderful costumes, which brilliantly bring to life an era of nipped-in waists, midi skirts, pillbox hats and dainty gloves. The costume designer Ane Crabtree worked with the show’s executive producer Nancy Hult Ganis, who was a Pan Am stewardess in the 1960s, to create costumes that are as authentic as they are beautiful. The level of accuracy is such that the cast members playing the glamorous stewardesses even had to wear the posture-correcting girdles that are mentioned in the show…which were described as “extremely restricting”. No kidding!

source: ABC


As well as the mesmerising costumes, there are so many things I love about Pan Am; the exotic locations they fly to, the behind-the-scenes look into the lives of these women who certainly weren’t just pretty faces and, of course, the chance to be transported back to an era when all flights (although probably not affordable like they can be now) were comfortable and pleasant. The life-size recreation of a Pan Am 707 jet is the set for all of the flight scenes, and boasts almost more leg-room than a modern-day business class seat!

source: ABC

One of my aims in 2012 is to get a sewing machine and start making some of my own clothes, and I think I might need to find some vintage patterns to sew some items inspired by Pan Am’s gorgeous costumes. If you like travel, fashion, or just a great easy-watching TV show, then you need to check out Pan Am!

Aired in the UK on BBC2, ABC in the USA and CTV in Canada.


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