DIY: chalkboard cheese platter

This post would be a great time to make some witty quip about chalk and cheese, but unfortunately I’m not the witty quip type. Sorry.

So, as I shared with you last week (here) I decided to make a chalkboard cheese platter, as seen on Pinterest. The one I saw was a bit fancy; they used some sort of bake-on ceramic chalkboard paint, but I already had some regular chalkboard paint lying around from another DIY I did a few weeks ago so I modified the DIY to suit my needs. I also saw this on Pinterest and was happy to see that Ryan Gosling supported my project so wholeheartedly!


I found a wooden platter that was slightly damaged (discoloured wood) and bought it for £4. I taped the edges to avoid spills, gave it two coats of chalkboard paint, waited for it to dry, peeled off the tape and voilà!

DIY chalkboard cheese platter

I don’t know how long this will last; I may have to touch up the paint every now and then, but the effect is great and so fun. To try to protect the chalkboard from getting too messy (it’s meant to be wiped clean, not washed in soapy water) I cut some greaseproof paper to place under the cheese to catch the majority of mess.


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