DIY: postcard corner bookmark

Bookmarks annoy me. If I have a book in my handbag, the bookmark always seems to find a way to slide out of the book and into the depths of my bag, thereby losing my place. I have no problem with dog-earing my page to keep my place, but I know not everyone is of this mindset (yes, sister…I’m talking about you!) so when I borrow a book I need to resort to the annoying bookmark.

source: Pinterest

When I saw this cute little corner bookmark on Pinterest it was enough to make me want one of my own – I wanted to make it, but couldn’t bear the thought of more hand-stitching after the last two DIYs I’ve done (here and here) so I decided to make my own cardboard version.

postcard corner bookmark

I have loads of postcards that I’ve bought on holidays which, despite my best intentions of sending them to family & friends across the world, have stayed dormant in a box with various maps & ticket stubs that I’ve collected over the years. This DIY is the perfect way to make use of them. I’ll be making more of these bookmarks as they are super quick & easy to whip up (about 15 minutes)! Here’s how you can make your own:

postcard corner bookmark

1. Cut a square shape out of your postcard (I cut 7cm x 7cm), and on the back side mark the halfway point of the top and two middle edges with a pencil.

2. Draw a line from the top point to each of the two side points, and fold the two corners into the middle to form a pyramid. Tape the two flaps together – this is the part that will fit over the corner of your page, keeping it in place.

3. Using another piece of the postcard, cut a triangle the size of the two taped-together flaps and glue it down to cover them. Place some heavy books over the bookmark until the glue dries…and now it’s ready for you to use!

postcard corner bookmark

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