Packing Checklist: Airline Headphone Adaptor

Who said travel accessories are expensive? This week’s packing checklist item is not particularly glamorous but it’s cheap, small, light and essential for a comfortable long-haul flight: it’s an airline headphone adaptor at just £0.46.

Yes, that’s right. 46p!

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I wrote recently about the difference a good set of headphones makes to a long flight and recommended the Sennheiser HD 201 model (read about it here) but I forgot to mention this important little adaptor, without which you will only be able to hear through one ear (still better than using the airline’s headphones in my opinion!).

After reading the reviews on Amazon, I would recommend that you buy two of these, as some people have reported receiving faulty adaptors (although with an overall rating of 4 stars it seems to be a small minority who were not satisfied)…and at 46p each it won’t break the bank to ensure a comfortable flight.

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  • GregoryFaller says:

    On my most recent flight, on the way back from Auckland, I was told that plugging my headphones straight into the plain socket without one of these adapters would short the circuit out… doubt it, but I wasn’t able to use my headphones. This adapter is essential!

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