Packing Checklist: Travel Document Holder

Before my husband and I ventured around the world four years ago, we were given a leather travel document holder as a gift. I thought it was a nice idea, albeit probably a bit unnecessary, but it has proven to be my most important travel accessory, and the very first thing I pack for every trip. The wallet has compartments for passports, tickets (or airline confirmations, as is now the case) and other documents. There is also a zip-close pocket and a couple of extra compartments for bits and pieces such as boarding passes or frequent flyer cards.

I’m a little bit of a control freak, so for me to know that all of my important documentation is in one place, in my bag, gives me peace of mind when I’m travelling. The real leather has survived four years of not-so-gentle treatment and still looks as good as new. It’s stylish (Tiffany blue is always a good idea), practical and honestly, the most important thing I pack for any trip!

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A quick Google search for a similar travel document holder resulted in this colourful leather wallet for £29.99 on – it even comes with extra credit card pockets, which could prove to be very handy.

If you’re an organisation freak like I am, a travel document holder is a must for you!

Do you keep all of your travel documents together?

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  • I have a hot pink leather document holder and like you it’s the first thing I pack when travelling! I think having a bright colour helps too (I’m forever panicking about losing it) as it’s easy to spot in my carry-on!

    Becky at life/style/flash. blog x

  • gardenbre says:

    I have something similar and it’s where I keep my passport
    ALWAYS when I’m not travelling and when I am it’s where I keep ALL IMPORTANT
    PAPERS … and when it’s not in it’s dedicated home (a certain shelf or pocket in
    the suitcase) I hang in in full view so I know where it is always as I am
    packing and getting things together.

    Before I spent the money and bought one I was always misplacing my passport … always trying to find the perfect place that I thought at the time was where it should be and then not remembering where that perfect place was again  … UGH.  It’s the small things sometimes and it’s something that will last a lifetime.

    I have a zip file folder that holds all larger important paperwork as well that’s pretty invaluable as well.  Containerizing travel supplies seems to work really well – I use zip lock baggies and they stay in my suitcase to be used over and over again. Right now I am packing to go back home after 3 months away and I am so glad I have all these little systems in place – it’s making my life a lot easier! 

  • Bruce two dads says:

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  • KateLainey says:

    I’ve never thought of buying a travel document holder…but being super organized, this makes perfect sense! I love the colors on this from amazon! 

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