Packing Checklist: Mesh Laundry Bag

I know I keep posting really practical and unglamorous items in my packing checklist series, but I think it’s important to kit yourself out with the basics before worrying about what to wear or how to look glamorous whilst travelling.

A mesh laundry bag is for more than just washing bras in to avoid them losing their shape. They are good for that, of course, as well as for washing delicate clothing such as swimwear and woollen items when you’re on the road. But this lightweight little bag is also useful for packing underwear in to keep it all together, so if security decides to perform a random check on your bag, your knickers don’t go flying around the airport for all to see.

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Another extremely practical use for the humble mesh laundry bag is to separate your dirty clothes from your clean ones. When living out of a suitcase it can be difficult to stay organised and know what’s fresh and what’s not. Storing your worn clothes in a mesh bag at one end of your suitcase ensures they are kept separate without having to put them in a plastic bag which can ruin delicate clothing.

These little bags have the added bonus of being budget friendly; you can pick them up in most department stores for under £5

Do you travel with a something like this mesh laundry bag? How do you separate your dirty clothes from your clean ones?

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  • Cazz says:

    I am in full support of the mesh bag and any bag that makes packing easier. We travelled around south America for 9 months and bought packing cubes which are one of the best inventions ever! It was so easy for us to get up and go, where as the couple we were travelling with just packed all their clothes directly into their backpacks and I can vouch for them – it was a nightmare! The trusty mesh bag was our laundry bag too. Love a bit of organization!

  • I do a few road-trips, and I pop complete outfits in the baggies.  Easier in Summer when you can fit undies, shorts, tank tops all in a bag easy, but even in winter… I’m doing a 4 day drive next week and I’ll put in a few baggies with just my undies, socks and fresh shirt, the last one I’ll do a complete change with jeans and jumper too.
    It comes in really handy when you’re road tripping, overnight stays in places where you don’t want to unpack everything, or quick changes after spills, tyre changes or getting caught in the rain.  

  • BeyondBlighty says:

    I use mesh bags to pack different items in anyway – it means I can see what’s in each bag without emptying it, and they’re much less noisy than rustling plastic bags in hostel dorms – but I never thought of keeping things in them so they stay together in the wash. Great tip!

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