Secret Cinema: delayed post

Hi Readers,

You may have seen a post I wrote yesterday about my experience at Secret Cinema, and you may now notice that it is no longer on this blog. 
Although my intention was not to give anything away for future Secret Cinemagoers, a few people expressed¬†concern that I’d posted the secret online.

I did include a spoiler alert at the top of the post, and I wrote the post with my readers in mind who are not in the UK or who were not lucky enough to attend such an awesome event, but in the spirit of keeping the secret I’ve removed the content and will re-post it when the event is over, at the beginning of December so you can read all about it then!

I hope you understand the spirit in which I published this post, as well as my reasons for removing it. I am not aiming to be controversial here on [a bird in the hand], merely to show you some awesome things to do in London and beyond!

Yours in secrecy,

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