What to Pack: a Day in London

For stylish travellers in London:

For a number of weekends over the past few months I have assumed the role of tour guide in London for friends and family who have travelled to this wonderful city from far and wide. I’ve enjoyed the challenge of coming up with different ways of seeing the same things, and the resulting days out have meant doing some pretty cool activities, eating plenty of incredibly delicious food and just generally revelling in the freedom of being a tourist in my own city. Being a tourist doesn’t have to mean looking like one though; dressing for a day in London should equate to chic, effortless and comfortable style. Here’s how to achieve such a look:


A Day in London

1. Hunter clear bubble umbrella, $39 / 2. CRUMPLED CITY MAPS / 3. Lightning bolt Jewelry / 4. Michael Kors stainless steel watch / 5. Mango jersey blazer / 6. Color block blouse / 7. Printed skinny jeans, $130 / 8. Topshop flap handbag / 9. Chunky shoes, $39

Even in the heat of a glorious British summer, it’s never wise to step outside without an umbrella, and this gold Hunter beauty is as much an accessory as it is a necessity. Jeans, a t-shirt and a blazer are comfortable and work well in warm or cool weather, although if you’re here in the dead of winter you’ll need a coat and some extra winter layers. Of course, chic shoes are a must but if you’re exploring the cobbled, uneven streets of London, stilettos are inadvisable, so stick to low wedges or sensible block heels instead (a classy pair of ballet flats is also a good choice). In crowded areas there can be pickpockets around, so ensure your bag can be kept close to your body; this crossbody is secure, comfortable and will fit all your essentials for the day. Accessorise with simple gold jewellery, grab your map (I adore these crumpled city maps, which can be thrown in your bag) and get out and explore the best city in the world!

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