Smart Packing for the Stylish Traveller

Smart Packing: Space Savers

When thinking about packing light, it’s not always about how to pack; often it’s more important to consider¬†what to pack to ensure you maximise space. I’m not talking about hiking trousers that can be zipped off to double as shorts; packing smart doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style. Here are eight items that stylish travellers can pack in confidence, knowing that they’ll not only look fantastic on holiday, but also have room for that extra pair of stilettos:

1. Travel hairdryer.
Sure, your hotel might have a hairdryer, but sometimes they can be as helpful as a warm breeze. Carrying your own mini hairdryer means your hair will look fabulous no matter what your hotel’s amenity offering is like.

2. Benefit posietint.
This little bottle mightn’t look like much, but it’s perfect for on-the-go touch ups. Using the brush applicator, sweep a little posietint onto lips or cheeks for a long-lasting and natural-looking colour boost.

3. Tide to go.
When you’re travelling with no access to laundry facilities, the smallest stain means a large percentage of your outfit options are out of action. Carry this mini stain remover pen – about the size of a Chapstick – and you can quickly remove spills before they become stains.

4. Longchamp collapsable handbag.
Low cost airlines are a brilliant way to travel, but they are the inefficient packer’s archenemy. Most low cost carriers implement a strict one bag policy, meaning you can’t take your luggage as well as a handbag. This is where a Longchamp collapsable handbag comes in handy, as it folds down to the size of an average wallet while in transit…genius.

5. Folding Ray-Bans.
Sunglasses are essential no matter where you’re travelling, and these folding aviators by Ray-Ban are classy as well as practical.

6. Butterfly Twists flats.
Shoes are one of the most frustrating items to pack, as they are bulky and inflexible – but these clever Butterfly Twists fold into a pocket sized pouch, perfect for travelling. Wear your bulkiest shoes in-flight and keep these tucked away for exploring your destination.

7. Hat.
Being sun smart is about more than just acting responsibly; an oversized hat oozes chic and protects your skin at the same time. Find one that folds away to avoid it becoming crushed in transit.

8. Flexible keyboard.
One for the business travellers (or the bloggers!), this silicone keyboard is waterproof and rolls into a fraction of the size of a standard keyboard. It’s also much lighter than it’s standard counterpart, making it ideal for business trips or typing up the latest post for your blog!

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  • Roma says:

    Brilliant idea about the Longchamp collapsable handbag. FINALLY more companies are realizing the void and filling it with quality items

    • Elle Croft says:

      Yep, Longchamp has actually been around for a while but I’m not a fan of their older styles. They have finally released a leather one that’s really stylish! I love it!

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