Finding France on the Other Side of the World With Air France

I am obsessed with France.

Finding France on the Other Side of the World

If you don’t believe me, take a look here. Or here. Or even here.

Now that you’re convinced, let’s talk about my Francophilia for a second.

Perhaps it began when I visited Paris for the first time, at the tender age of 15. Maybe it developed after a few more trips with a boyfriend, then my husband, then my best friend, then my family. But I think I really fell head over heels after my first Tour de France experience, when I got to taste food from all over the country, sip 2 Euro red wine that tasted better than most of the fancy (or so I thought) bottles I’d bought in the past. I had the chance to practice my terrible French, to admire the countryside, to seek out street art.

Allow me to interrupt your French daydreaming for a second to steer your thoughts to an entirely different country.


It’s another destination I fell in love with, although unlike my star-struck French affair, I was slowly wooed by Canada. I moved there in 2008 and wasn’t convinced at first. By the time I left in 2010 I was smitten, and since leaving I realise more and more what an incredible country it is. I only wish I’d got to see more of it.

Bear with me – I’m about to get to my point.

Finding France on the Other Side of the World

As this post goes live, I will be somewhere in the middle of the air, travelling to Montréal where my mission will be this: finding France on the other side of the world, thanks to Air France who are generously flying me there so my French experience will begin before I even leave London.

From South-East Asia to Africa and the Americas, the influence of the French has long since extended past the borders of France, and in some of these far-flung destinations the French language and culture has continued and thrived, taking on elements of the local culture and evolving into an exciting mix of the traditional and the modern. I will be visiting both Montréal and Québec City to find out what this culture looks like, and to see how much of the France I know and love can be found in Canada – another destination I adore.

I expect I’ll be eating a lot of cheese, possibly nibbling some croissants and most definitely getting embarrassed by my poor grasp of the French language, but I hope to discover some new traditions and delicacies there too.

I’ll be updating you on social media while I’m away so be sure to follow me on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram – and let me know if you have any tips or questions for me while I’m out finding France on the other side of the world.

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