Top 5 Stylish DSLR Camera Bags for Travel

Stylish DSLR Camera Bags for Travel

My DSLR camera is one of my most valued travel accessories, so it’s important that I take good care of it when I’m on the road. I’m not OK to just throw it in my handbag and hope that it doesn’t get bumped along the way – sure, it’s insured, but if something happens mid-trip I won’t be able to capture what I see along the way – and that’s worse than paying for any damage. I’ve loved my Epiphanie bag and have taken it away with me every time I’ve travelled since I got it some three years ago. But it’s starting to wear out, which means I need to look at a new one. Here are the most stylish DSLR bags that I’ve had my eye on:

Epiphanie: Hudson in Smoke – $349

Stylish DSLR Camera Bags for Travel

My own Epiphanie bag has lasted years and has done a great job of protecting my camera equipment, so I trust that all of their bags are of the same quality. Their Hudson bag is both a satchel and a backpack, which would make lugging it around so much easier. This bag is unisex, and comes in two colours. I love the grey ‘smoke’ shade, which would go with pretty much anything. Oh, and it has some straps that allow it to slot onto the handle of your hand luggage. They’ve thought of everything with this one.

ONA: The Chelsea in Cognac – $369

Stylish DSLR Camera Bags for Travel

How chic is this bag? It looks like a regular handbag, but it actually hides padded sections for a camera, up to three lenses and a tablet. The cognac colour would work well for a day-to-night look on the road, and is feminine enough to use as a regular handbag even if you’re not toting your DSLR around with you.

Grafea: Pink Leather Camera Bag – £140

Stylish DSLR Camera Bags for Travel

It’s a pink leather bag for a DSLR. Do I really need to say more? One of the things I love most about this pretty bag is that it reminds me of a Cambridge Satchel, whose bags I adore but which are just a little too slim to fit a camera. This one’s just the right size, and definitely the right colour.

THEIT: The Bossi Bag – $159

Stylish DSLR Camera Bags for Travel

This quilted leather bag screams Chanel, so it’s the perfect choice for the fashion-loving photographer. The padded inserts that protect your camera are fully removable and adjustable, so this really is a versatile option. I like the zipper top for security and the small side pockets for those other accessories, like SD cards, lens caps and my phone!

Cheeky Lime: Ava in Silver – $85

Stylish DSLR Camera Bags for Travel

It’s metallic! I’m a bit like a magpie, in that I’m attracted to shiny metallic things like this bag by Cheeky Lime. This is also the most reasonably priced of all of my picks, at around £55. When you consider how much your camera is worth and how well this bag will protect it, that’s a bargain. A pretty, shiny bargain.

Is there a stylish DSLR camera bag out there that I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Loving THEIT and the Ava bags – and I have a birthday coming up! Perfect timing Elle :)

  • Wow, these are wonderful!! That is something I am currently looking for, I just haven’t decided which one yet! Great tips!

  • Monica says:

    Thanks for the intro to Grafea. I’m now absolutely in love with their camera bags. I’m still struggling to find a good camera bag that doesn’t make me want to leave my bulky camera at home. I’m actually looking forward to having a pushchair soon so I’ll be able to offload my camera into the pushchair basket!

    • Elle Croft says:

      Now there’s a reason for having a baby I haven’t heard before ;-)
      But I know what you mean – the bulky camera, even if in a stylish bag, is still a commitment. I just couldn’t travel without mine now though…!

  • Katie says:

    I’ve been eyeing up an ONA bag for AGES, I love them! Although I like the look of the Epiphanie Hudson as well – it looks great and sounds very practical too. I’m in the market for a new camera bag and just haven’t been able to decide on the perfect one yet…

  • ok, I don’t even own a DSLR and I still want that pink bag – it’s just gorgeous and you’ve got me googling cambridge satchels now :)

  • Katy says:

    I need one of these in my life! I spent my entire last travels wrapping my camera in scarves to protect it in my handbag – not a technique I’d recommend, though it seems to have survived! I love the price of the Cheeky Lime, but that ONA bag is to die for!

    • Elle Croft says:

      Oh no – I’m glad it survived, but weren’t you paranoid the whole time? I definitely recommend having a proper padded bag; it goes a long way towards peace of mind.

  • we have an ona bag and we love it for travel. :) we also have an crumpler insert that we put in almost any bag and we like the versatility of it! i love the look of the theit bag for me.. i probably should not be buying another camera bag though. haha

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