23 reasons why flying with Ryanair makes you lose faith in air travel completely

23 Reasons Why Ryanair Sucks

Back when I was younger and had endless time and very limited money, I didn’t care how I travelled as long as it was cheap. I’d take overnight coaches, sleep on the floor of a ferry or wake up at 3am to get public transport to an airport in the middle of nowhere to catch a flight that cost me about the same as a day’s food budget. Perhaps I’m jaded now, but my time is precious, and the journey is now almost as important as the destination itself. I hadn’t flown Ryanair in a very long time, but when I travelled to Krakow late last year the low cost airline was my cheapest option. By far. Now, I value my comfort, but I’m not loaded so I can’t always be too picky.

And so, on a cold December evening I found myself on a Ryanair flight, trying to keep an open mind and avoid being high maintenance, but really just cursing the day that the airline ever existed. I wanted to discover that Ryanair wasn’t as bad as I’d worked it up to be in my head, but what I realised was that it is, in fact, worse.

As I sat on the flight, fuming for various reasons, I came up with this list. Here are 23 reasons why flying with Ryanair makes you lose faith in travel completely:

1. The airports.

23 Reasons Why Ryanair Sucks

The airports that Ryanair flies from are usually dedicated to low-cost airlines…and they are no fun at all. Overcrowded, uncomfortable and with limited entertainment, you just don’t want to spend any time in these buildings.

2. Extra charges.

Ryanair charges you for ridiculous things like printing your boarding passes at the airport. So…if your printer at home breaks down, you’ll be penalised an outrageous amount like £70 for the single piece of paper they’ll print for you. Jerks.

3. Visa checks.

No other airline that I’ve come across does this. As a non-European citizen, you’re required to line up at the check-in desks to get someone to stamp your boarding pass after checking your passport. Why they do this, no one knows.

4. Seat pockets.

They don’t have them. I repeat, Ryanair does not have seat pockets. So there’s nowhere to put your belongings during the flight. It’s an annoying and pointless form of discomfort, probably just devised so they can psychologically screw with their passengers.

5. Enforced baggage check-in.

After stressing over the size of my carry-on luggage (more on that later) to ensure it adhered to the strict Ryanair size standard, I got to the gate only to be told that I had to check it in. For no good reason. I then had to rummage through my bag on the freezing tarmac to ensure I rescued my camera before it was subjected to the rough luggage handlers. I spent the flight bored because I didn’t have time to pull out any of my entertainment options before I got on. Oh, and on the other side I had to stand in the snow with no jacket because – you guessed it – that was in my correctly sized carry-on luggage too.

6. Card fees.

No matter what kind of card you try to pay with, you’ll be subjected to a £6 ‘admin’ fee.

7. No water.

I get it. When I paid £30 for my flight, I don’t expect to get a meal as part of that. But come on – a glass of tap water would be nice.

8. Cheap yellow plastic.

23 Reasons Why Ryanair Sucks

It’s as though Ryanair wants their aircraft to look as cheap as humanly possible. They’ve succeeded. Flying on a Ryanair flight is just offensive to your eyes.

9. Stupid landing music.

Anyone who’s flown with Ryanair knows what I’m talking about. Upon landing, there’s this really annoying music that gets played to celebrate the fact that the flight has landed on time. It’s cheesy, and after an uncomfortable and frustrating flight it’s the last thing you want to hear.

10. The landing lie.

That annoying music? It’s supposedly to celebrate ‘another’ flight arriving on time. The thing about that is that they make the flight times far longer than they need to be, which means that unless something goes really wrong, you’ll always have to listen to the music.

11. Smaller bag size.

I’m an expert in packing light to avoid having to check in my luggage. It has nothing to do with flying low-cost, I just like to be unencumbered when I travel. I can pack for a winter weekend break in a small bag, but Ryanair has a far smaller cabin bag size than most airlines – even smaller than EasyJet. If you’ve bought a suitcase just for check-in purposes you probably can’t use it on Ryanair.

12. No air sick bags.

I don’t get motion sickness, but if I did I’d probably like the comfort of having a bag in front of me just in case things get rough. Oh, but remember how there are no seat pockets? That means no sick bags. So…if you have a motion-sick neighbour, all I can say is…good luck.

13. Safety card in your face.

23 Reasons Why Ryanair Sucks

Once again, this whole no seat pocket craziness means that there aren’t any safety cards on board. Instead, they’re printed on the tacky yellow plastic on the back of the headrest in front of you, so it’s at eye level for the whole flight. Just what I wanted to be watching on this cheap piece of plastic I’m flying in.

14. Scratch cards.

Ryanair sells scratch cards on their flights. That is all I need to say about that.

15. Sell, sell, sell.

If they’re not making their money off the airfares, Ryanair is going to get it from somewhere else. Scratch cards, duty free, food, water…whatever they can flog.

16. Stags and hens.

Being trapped on a flight with a rowdy hen or stag party who have been stuck in a horrible airport with nothing better to do than drink before boarding is enough to make anyone roll their eyes and grit their teeth. I’m pretty sure this is a guaranteed occurrence on a Ryanair flight.

17. Airport locations.

Not only are the Ryanair airports pretty rubbish, but they’re also in the middle of nowhere. London Stansted? It’s outside the M25 (the ring road that defines London’s border). Well outside it…halfway to Cambridge, in fact.

18. Getting to the airport.

So you saved £50 on your flight by not travelling with a better airline, but did you account for the fact that getting to that airport that’s not in the city it was named after is going to cost you a pretty penny? It’s not quite £50 but the added expenses you didn’t drop on the ticket do rack up pretty quickly.

19. Flight times.

23 Reasons Why Ryanair Sucks

The flight days and times that Ryanair offers are simply not as good as those offered by better, slightly more expensive airlines.

20. Booking process.

Do you want insurance? Would you like a transfer? How about airport check-in? The process of booking is just annoying, and the website is hideous. All part of the plan to make the whole experience feel cheap. It’s working, too.

21. Managing your booking.

You know, it shouldn’t be that hard but for some reason, managing your Ryanair booking online just feels like way too much hard work.

22. Salad on selected flights.

If you do want to purchase food on board a Ryanair flight, good luck if you want anything remotely healthy. Salads are only available on ‘selected flights.’ Thanks Ryanair.

23. It’s Ryanair.

You know, I’ve come up with a (by no means exhaustive) list of reasons why flying with Ryanair is a horrible, horrible experience. But, to be honest…it’s Ryanair. Surely it’s acceptable to hate this airline for no real reason…?

Have you flown with Ryanair before? Do you share my intense dislike for the airline?

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  • Carlos says:

    Are you for real, you go cheap and demand quality!! What a lousy article

  • Claudiu says:

    This is mostly true but at the same time, they are a very low cost carrier. I don’t know what you’re expecting. In some cases, the taxi to the airport costs more than the ticket itself. I have flew with them short distance and while the experience is uncomfortable, I can rationalize it based on the price I’m paying. I mean, c’mon, there are many segments that are only 14.99 EUR. That’s less than what you would pay for breakfast for two in Heathrow.

    I’m writing this while I’m in Manila, as Air Asia delayed my flight. This is the third time it is happening. For better or for worse, I have never had to wait an extra two hours for Ryan Air. At this moment, I prefer to deal with all the awful things you’ve mentioned above than to wait in this airport anymore.

  • Ian Mc says:

    To be honest, I have never used Ryanair and I hope I never have to. I don’t want cheap flights particularly, I want a comfortable hassle-free one. The only time I considered using Ryanair was on a trip to Dublin. I had open both Ryanair and Aer Lingus pages on my computer, side by side. If I remember correctly Ryanair was offering a flight for £10 and Aer Lingus £20. I went through each page in parallel. By the time it got to paying, after adding extra for being able to sit during the flight, taking baggage, boarding and credit card fees etc. Aer Lingus had won hands down with a difference of something like £23.

    I object to having to pay for every little item as a separate entity and the principal of Ryanair just seems to be money grubbing. I just want an airline to give me a price to get me from one place to my destination without having to think about how much baggage I can take (my needs are not great), where I can or can’t sit or whether or not I can print off my own boarding pass. I also expect to be able to ask for a not unreasonable amount of refreshment without having to reach for my wallet.

    Having said that, I will be avoiding British Airways wherever possible from now on. They are behaving like a budget airline without the low prices.

    Maybe I shouldn’t be commenting on this topic, but I am not a fan of budget airlines in the first place. I like a certain level of service and I don’t mind paying for it. But sometimes the schedules work out more conveniently with a budget airline and if it is short-haul I can cope with it. However, using Ryanair is just not something I would ever consider.

  • Isaac says:

    I love Ryanair.
    20 pounds to go to Dublin where AerLingus is at least 40, and Cityjet even more.
    Ticket to Stansted is 7-8 pounds with National Express

    BTW ticket to Heathrow with Oyster is over 5 pounds and Gatwick on peak could be up to 16 pounds.

  • Peter R says:

    Booked Ryanair as it was the only direct fright to Berlin from Alicante, although the airport and flight time was not convenient. I looked at the website allowing one cabinbag plus “laptop” bag or handbag. I booked. Big mistake!! When checking details I found the maximum size of extra bag was 35 x 20 x 20. My laptop is 38 x 26 and the bag a bit larger. So now I have to make do with a tablet – hardly ideal. The return trip on KLM allows 40 x 30 x 15 – Easyjet 45 x 36 x 20. Next time I will choose to 1 stop option (2 hours longer). Clearly Ryanair doesn`t understand or want to understand the needs of passengers and although their legroom is bad, the space under the seat cannot be any different from from those of other airlines.

  • Maree says:

    utterly disgusted by Ryanair. Travelled from Catania to Zadar with a stop over in marsailles. Our agent booked a wheelchair for my father but none were available. Ended up stranded in Marsailles as they would not accept one piece of luggage that I tried to pay extra to check in. It took me too long to collect, reway, and recheck luggage on a stop over flight as they did not have any wheelchairs available.

    Staff screamed at my family 4 times. I’m traveling with my 80 year old father, 70 year old mother, and four year old daughter who has special needs. I was heart broken to see my mother crying as it is so difficult for them to travel and we were heading to my Mother’s village due to a death in our family. Ryanair were disgraful and cruel.

  • Jim says:

    I generally like Ryanair (as much as anyone can). That said, I recently had a bad experience and thought it worth sharing:

    Another passenger (Debby) and I were the last two to board a recent flight. We followed directly on from those in front of us in the line (there was no break).
    When Debby presented her identification to the lady at the gate she was told the flight had “closed” and that the remaining passengers had been “offloaded”. The reason, it seems, was that we had waited until the line was short to join it, rather than standing in the line for a long time. This, apparently, was disagreeable to the man in charge of the gate, who was standing nearby (a Ryanair employee in high viz jacket with “team leader” written on the back). The man had closed the flight and “offloaded” us summarily – apparently to teach us some kind of lesson. The man in question then started chastising Debby for not waiting in the line, but rather “walking off”. He said he had “seen her” doing this. None of this made any sense because, as said, we followed on directly from those in front of us in the line.
    The lady at the gate was apologetic in manner. She implicitly accepted that what was going on was ridiculous, and got on with “reloading” us onto the flight – after the man had finished trying to scare Debby.
    Both I and Debby were reentered on the flight by the lady. This was a cause of some minutes of delay for us. When we arrived at the plane there was still a long line waiting on the tarmac to enter it.
    Before leaving the gate I asked for identification from the man. He refused to provide any identification and, indeed, purposefully zipped his jacket up so I could not see his ID. I then asked the lady at the gate for some kind of identification for her. She was going to provide identification, but the man convinced her to refuse. (What an impressive “Team Leader” he is!)

    The individual in question is wasting the time of both other employees and passengers. He was rude to others before we boarded, and tried to create difficulties for us for no reason at all. The experience we had appeared to be part of his standard modus operandi. His approach to customers would have fitted in well in the Soviet Union, but is entirely inappropriate in the context of a customer-service- based business.

    Flying demands quite enough of passengers in these difficult times, without deliberate attempts by rogue staff to scare passengers (apparently as some sort of game or power trip). Worst of all? The company does not seem too concerned that it has a “team leader” who is wilfully disagreeable. They have failed to propose any meaningful action after two months of having the details of this case. They are, apparently, still busy passing the file around internally.

    I am looking forward to seeing other low-cost airlines find the sweet spot when it comes to customer service. Ryanair got a lot better, but does not see to me able to quite grow up into a more mature operation.

    What’s the best low cost airline? That’s easy, in my view. It’s Norwegian.

    Happy flying/safe travels.

    • Bill says:

      I believe it! Similar experience in Stansted. Ryanair is absolutely the worst airline in the world, HANDS DOWN!!!!
      Love the 23 things to hate about them! My wife and I were in stitches laughing cause it’s so true!!
      I’d swim the Irish Sea before I’d fly them again!

  • alex says:

    Had to comment on this, because it really annoys me the way people slate Ryanair. I used to fly Ryanair about 8 times per year on a short (2 hour) intra European flight to get home in the holidays during Uni. They were fantastic. Most of my friends who were travelling within the UK payed more to get home by train. That alone should say it all. But in addition, my flight was delayed once in 5 years. I have had delayed flights from other airlines going longer distance, and they really don’t treat you any differently (at least in economy). By and large, Ryanair was fast, comfortable and the staff were always friendly and polite. The real problem is some people still expect short hall flights to be some kind of leisure cruise. Its a flying bus, GET OVER IT

  • Daniel says:

    I have promised to destroy ryanair, and they DO deserve that.
    I have purchased tickets for 2 days holiday to see my love. I didn’t seen her for months. I bought last minute expensive tickets, over 200 pounds overall. But there was strike in Italy, so ryanair forced me to spend one night on the airport. Because we know – strikes are to punish customers – not the companies!!! I could earn huge money that night – 60 pounds if I would do my night shift. Instead, I was forced to sleep on the airport. They given me voucher for 5 pounds – in airport shops thats enough to buy a salad! not a food or drink. At the morning I was allowed in to the plane – but their RADAR was broken. I was forced to stay in the cabin for next 5 hours. No way out, no cigarette – or I could not come back to fly. After all, after reaching my loves place, after spending a night on the bus station – I’ve seen her for 5 hours!!! For 200 pounds. THat is some miserable joke. To make it worst – the ryanair woman at the airport shuted me down with some silly leaflet. Later on I was trying to use it to claim my money back. ryanair was wasting my time for next year, wanting me to write long letters, and throwing me like a ping-pong with the Stansted airport. At the very end, both of those pathetic companies closed the case and declared they are going to ignore any further correspondence. Thieves, wasted not only my money, but also plenty of my time. Refused to pay me my night shift, and even to pay my back this insine ticket prices (200 pounds). rayanair is deal od the life.

  • Matt says:

    You missed a few

    Cleanliness (lack off)
    Emergency fuel (on the low side)
    Seat pitch (sardines)
    Seat – no recline
    Airvents (missing or lowhatever airflow)
    Dirty Toilets
    Boarding pass (print your own)
    High parking charges (too far for public transport)
    Inflight magazine (only adverts)
    Hard landings
    Use stairs to board.. no paxway
    Workers rights. No unions allowed

  • Martyn Wilson says:

    Listen guys!! you buy a ticket for £30 to fly 1500 miles, not sure what you expect…..it costs more than that by train from Oxford to Birmingham and you cannot sometimes get a seat at that. It seems there will always be people who expect way too much. It is very straight forward booking system…I have flown with Ryanair 68 times from Stanstead to Trieste,Italy….never had a bad flight. Only delayed twice. Thats a damn good record. I know what to expect, i travel prepared…..hell they have to make some money!!!! you would all be complaining if you had to pay 4 times as much to the same destination if Ryanair wasnt around.
    Cheapest flight i got was £2.50!!! yes you read right….just booked another for 5th Dec 16 …extra legroom seat for £48 total….bargain…..you know how it works so stop moaning and just rejoice in the fact you can travel cheap..and get organized!!..if not fly by BA!!! or similar…you may get a bag of nuts and a chocolate bar!! GOOD JOB RYANAIR AS IT ALLOWS ME TRAVEL TO ITALY FOR PEANUTS…..

  • Flew from Dublin to Edinburgh and back last year. It’s cheap and I prepared for the sacrifices I knew would be coming…..measured my carryon bag several times etc. Quick and uneventful flight both ways both times. No complaints

  • sailors says:

    Keeps you fit by using the t gates without air bridge boarding at furthest possible gates from terminals. The crazy luggage regs.about what you carry on makes sure you buy their food and drink on board unless you like to make your own picnic!Nobags?puke on their yellow seats!!

  • J O says:

    My husband and I are American and flew from Barcelona to Ibiza last weekend on Ryanair – nightmare. For our whole European trip we wanted to avoid data roaming charges so we had our phones on airplane mode the whole time (so just WiFi was possible). Before checking out of our Barcelona lodgings to head to the airport, I had really tried to make sure that I had checked in online and had the proper documents loaded on my phone to show the airline when we got there. At the check in counter I showed them all of the documents that had been sent to me, but they told me that they weren’t good enough and that I needed a paper ticket. Me: Ok fine, can I get that printed out here? Them: You will need to step out of line, go to the guest services counter and have them printed out for you for 15 euros each. Unbelieveable. That whole fiasco took us about 40 minutes just to clear – good thing we had arrived at the airport especially early!

    That was the worst of it, but on the plane itself it got a little weird. I went up to use the restroom during the flight, and when I got out the food cart was just about to start going down the aisle. I asked the attendants to please let me pass, which could have been done easily by just moving the cart back just a little. What did they do instead? They kept the cart where it was and told me to squeeze through. It was uncomfortable as there was a group of men on that aisle and I had to basically rub my butt right up against one of the men’s arms. Maybe it seems trivial, but it just further added fuel to the fire of how much I thought this airline sucks.

  • Dr. K says:

    Oh sweet Jesus, RyanAir…

    A few years ago I flew RyanAir from Berlin to London and back. This was a stupid decision, largely because my employer was paying for my trip, so I could have flown Lufthansa to Heathrow, or something nice like that. I ended up swearing that next time I’d rather swim across the Channel than fly RyanAir again.

  • I have a property in France so I travel at least 6 times a year with Ryanair from Bristol to Limoges – never ever had a problem, the flight has only been delayed once because of snow in France. They are cheap and very convenient for us BUT their website is unbelievably bad, it crashes constantly , online check-in is very stressful we have sometimes been allocated separate seats due to this , could pay extra to choose seats I suppose but I prefer not too.
    All said my only gripe is their damn website NOT user friendly .

  • Daniel Nagy says:

    I diss agree in my opinion Ryanair is great the staff is really nice and once they even let me look in the cockpit and take a picture of me in the cockpit! i travele with ryanair all the time and i never had a bad experience so dont know why people hate ryanair? I love it and if you still hate ryanair then i have something to tell you…….I went on a website to see wich where the safest airlines in Europ who was number 1? Ryanair. just because they sell scratch cards and play a music at landing makes you hate ryanair? so if you go to a shop and they sell scratch cards are you going to hate on the shop? if your takeing a taxi to the airport and the taxi driver plays an anoying song are you going to hate on him? of curse not! See 1 person said ryanair is bad and the word spread like butter on toast and people follow the crowd so think again about ryanair and if you havent flyn with ryanair i recomend you do you wont regret it

  • For me, Ryanair is a necessary evil. We’re very limited in Malta when it comes to direct flights to European destinations, and Ryanair is the airline with the largest number of direct routes to and from the island.

    You’re right about everything. The worst one for me is having the safety card in my face for the duration of the flight – just what every nervous flyer needs!

  • Bob Joe says:

    All you have to do is take a BUS from the airport for less than 10 pounds. Plus, London Stansted is the main airport for Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, and Norwich. I call it common sense, which you obviously don’t have. Can you find a cheaper flight than a 7 pound flight on Ryan air from London Stansted to elsewhere.

    (If the seats are annoying, Try to read a paper.)

    (Summary of article: Ryan air is a LOW COST airline, that is CHEAP, and provides CHEAP services.)

    (If you want water, buy it for 1 pound after security, BEFORE getting on the plane.)

  • Arjan says:

    Ryanair, worst Company ever. They confirm the flight after booking is made, but no way the seat is really reserved. Calling their helpdesk:
    ” oh for complaints you should send an email”
    ” but I don’t want to send an email, I just want to get my flight to Lissabon!”
    ” I can’t book a flight since every seat is taken”
    ” but i made a reservation 6 weeks ago, i paid for this flight and Ryanair confirmed everything with an email”
    ” i can’t help you, have an Nice day.”

    And money back? No way! Impossible to get in contact with them about this complaint. Bunch of liars and cheaters!

  • Alex says:

    Unfortunately for a weekend London – Athens flight Ryanair is the best option, because both Aegean and BA arrive to Athens at 4am. Pretty bad and tasteless flight, but not as bad as the 4am ones.

  • John says:

    I despise Ryanair, I travel between Malta and the UK quite often and there are 4 airlines to chose from. Air Malta, BA, Easy Jet and Ryanair.

    All four of these different airlines use a different airport!

    Air Malta uses Heathrow and Gatwick

    BA uses Gatick

    Easyjet uses Luton

    Ryanair Stansted.

    The cheapest airline to fly when you take into account, suitcase allowance, distance between where I am from and the cost of a taxi equates that Air Malta is the best airline to use. Easyjet is a close 2nd and BA 3rd and Ryanair 4th. Who would dream of paying £120 for a Taxi to an airport when the ticket cost like £70?

    I only flew Ryanair once and never ever again

  • Adriana says:

    I’ve been flying Ryanair couple of times from and to Dublin. It has been the worst experience with an airline company ever. I understand that Ryanair is a low-cost company, but still the quality of services offered by this company is below any decent standards. For all the reason mentioned above. I have decided to never, ever, fly Ryanair again. Dissapointing !

    • Elle Croft says:

      Oh, Adriana – I feel your pain! I do understand that I won’t get a red carpet or champagne when I book low-cost, but Ryanair is really something else!

  • C Keng says:

    The reason I travel with Ryanair is just for the cheap price. I have travelled with them twice, one to Copenhagen, the other to Rome-Ciampino. The airport in Copenhagen is good and mody, but we have to walk more than 15 minutes to go to the gate. That’s okay in exchange of 20Euro ticket. But another trip I flied to Rome is totally nightmare. The Ciampino airport is so small and crowded that passengers have to seat themselves on the floor waiting for boarding. I just feel nervous with lots of people fighting for scarce. As long as we landed, everyone on Ryanair can not stay any longer, everyone just want to leave the plane as soon as possible. And I found that this tension draw a bad impression on Rome for me. So maybe I won’t take Ryanair again.

  • Paul Tasker says:

    Have to agree with all 23. By far the most annoying was having no seat pockets. Particularly annoying if you’re in an emergency exit row as can’t put bags in front of you either. So everything is balanced on your lap. I’d gladly pay an extra fiver to have these! It just smacks of cheapness. I’d accept everything else. That landing music is horrendously tacky. Never realised they made it so all flights would be early.

  • Ricardo Vargas Opitz says:

    First flight with those bastards. They didn’t allow our luggage because of the boarding was closing and we were on time!!!
    We dont carr, try boarding. But i had just bought a souvenir for my father that will never get throught because it could be ises as a weapon. So bad luck to you and your present.
    When ee get to the gate, they weren’t even boarding!!!!!!

  • Jon says:

    Here is another one so you can make it 24.

    They are now in the business of “Airport Transfers”. I stupidly booked one and paid through the original RyanAir website – they have my money. Their “partner” company in Hungary has terminated the contract with the bus company in Athens a few weeks before my trip. I contacted their customer disservice via the webchat and was told it is my problem – contact them myself. I really need to stop giving these idiots my money.

    • Elle Croft says:

      Thanks Jon – I reckon I could make it 100 if I really racked my brains, but Airport Transfers by Ryanair really does sound like a nightmare!
      Oh, and customer disservice – you made me lol!

  • Athina says:

    I have travel with Ryan air in the past!i was going from London(Stansted) to Thessaloniki (Greece) and because the weather was bad in Thesaaloniki the pilot landed us on Athens and they were going us on Thesaaloniki by Bus(+ we paid the bus)

  • Susanne says:

    I totally hate Ryan Air!! I despise them and avoid them at all costs. There isn’t even a reason to travel with them. After you’ve counted all the added costs for booking etc, it will cost just as much as whatever other airline. I always travel with SAS or whatever, it’s usually cheaper than Ryan, and a lot more comfortable. I feel treated like a princess on SAS compared to Ryan.
    You didn’t mention the hidden threats. It’s all over their website. “If you don’t…. we may..” meaning that if you don’t do everything exactly as they say, they will throw you off the plane or whatever.

    • Elle Croft says:

      I agree – usually for very little extra you can arrive at your destination feeling much more refreshed than after a Ryanair flight. I know what you mean about the threats, too – they just don’t seem to care about giving their customers a pleasant experience!

  • m88 says:

    When I initially left a comment I appear to have clicked
    on the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and
    from now on whenever a comment is added I get 4 emails with the
    exact same comment. Is there a way you are able to remove me
    from that service? Thanks!

  • All these points are entirely correct – but then again, it’s simple economics. Like you say, there’s slightly less terrible airlines that charge slightly more, and much nicer ones that cost loads more. The consumer has all the choice. I used to be annoyed by some of the things you mention, as well, but have since just adopted the attitude that I’m still partaking in the miracle of human flight.

    Look at the bright side: you save money by buying a cheaper ticket, and more money by potentially having to spend a night at the airport beforehand! This airline is made for people who know what they want, and that is CHEAP. Not just cheap, but full-on, all-caps CHEAP. :)

    • Elle Croft says:

      Haha, you’re so right, Jonathan – it’s all-caps CHEAP! And we do have all the choice – we live in such a wonderful time when we can choose super cheap or luxurious travel, and at the end of the day, the bottom line is that we can travel. And for that I’m thankful!

  • Monica says:

    I totally agree with every single point. The sell sell sell drives me insane and who thought bright yellow plastic was a good idea?
    But, do you know what, I still love Ryanair. They’re so cheap! And they’ve enabled a lot of people to travel when they previously couldn’t afford it. People like me!

    • Elle Croft says:

      It’s true – without Ryanair there are plenty of trips I never would have gone on. But I’m admittedly ungrateful and totally high-maintenance, and end up writing posts like this ;-)

  • Obelie says:

    it’s funny cause it’s true! (well it is isnt it?)
    I can put up with yellow seats (or try to), but it’s true that factoring the time and money it takes to go to the out-of-the-way airport (hello Luton, Beauvais, Girona) is often tipping the balance toward EasyJet or else. It’s also true that they tried to make some effort recently (less advertisement) and that in parallel, EasyJet declined (often applies the forced-check method in particular, that’s the one I’m most upset about!).
    All that being said, it’s the security that I am most concerned with. Pilots are underpaid and incentivised to take off asap, sometimes at the expense of thorough security checks (paid only when they fly and get negative rating when they arrive late). I know less EasyJet pilots so maybe my concern is slightly blind-sighted?

    • Elle Croft says:

      Thanks Obelie!
      It was intended as being tongue-in-cheek (but also true, yes). I’m glad I’m not alone in the way I feel though ;-)
      I do agree about EasyJet slipping a bit with their new luggage rules which are annoying, too. I must admit, though, I’ve never heard those concerning reports about the pressure on Ryanair pilots! That’s one more reason to fly a different airline.

  • yvonne says:

    Agree! But I put up with it because I couldn’t travel as much otherwise. I need the budget flights;-) Also, there is an Ryan Air – Airport on just a 20 minute distance from my home, and since I don’t have a car myself that is pretty handy too.

    But most flights I take with Ryan Air are no longer then 2 hours, so I put up with it

    • Elle Croft says:

      Oh, sometimes when it’s the difference of a few hundred pounds I’ll just have to grit my teeth and bear it. And if the airport was a lot more convenient I might consider it more often – if it’s a choice of Ryanair or not travelling at all, I’ll go with Ryanair, but I don’t find it an enjoyable way to travel!

  • Jordan Adkins says:

    Thought this might be a useful article with some interesting points – But not. Clutching at straws – Nothing is hidden and is all up front.If you pay the fare, know the airport and chose the flight times then stop complaining. If you dont like it then dont book it – Simple as that. I love that they serve random places and if the worse thing you have to say is ‘no inflight salad’ I mean really – If the had a salad you would just complain about it.

    I suggest you front up for a more expensive ticket in future and let us enjoy the cheap airfares in peace.

    • Elle Croft says:

      It’s true – they are pretty upfront about most of their charges, and so you mostly know what you’re in for…
      I also know that there are plenty of people who really don’t mind or even like flying Ryanair. And that’s the beauty of travel – we all have different tastes and styles!

  • Lucy says:

    Haven’t flown with Ryanair in at least 10 years and you’ve reinforced why not! Flying is never going to be a particular pleasant process but there’s no reason to make it worse than it has to be. Not to mention that even their own pilots have concerns about their safety: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/aviation/10236086/Ryanair-accused-of-intimidating-pilots.html

  • Emma says:

    Yes, yes yes yes!

  • Catherine says:

    I’ve never flown Ryanair, and this has just reinforced why I will never fly with them. I do love Easyjet though, they’re so cheap and easy, even if the planes are a little cramped (and orange)!

    C x
    Lux Life

  • Emily Ray says:

    Ha, I absolutely LOVE this. I laughed my way through the entire list – it’s all so true!

    I last flew with Ryanair around 3 years ago, and that was the last straw. They’re the absolute worst and I will never fly with them again, no matter how cheap their flights are! I’d much rather pay a little extra and fly with British Airways – or even Easyjet…

    • Elle Croft says:

      I’m glad I could make you smile Emily!
      When the price difference is minimal I’ll always choose BA (if possible) or Easyjet…but sometimes it’s so much of a difference it’s Ryanair or nothing :-(

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