Travel Tuesday: The Spring Edition

Spring is here!

Travel Tuesday: The Spring Edition

Well, technically it’s still winter, but the sun has shone for at least three days in the past week, so in my optimism I’m calling it spring. My favourite season. There’s a feeling of hope in the air (or is that just hayfever?), smiles and pale skin are out in equal measure, and gardens across London are bursting with a palette of brand new colours.

It’s the time to get that spring cleaning done, start dusting off those trainers for morning workouts and it’s a great chance to refresh a grey, wintery wardrobe with bright colours and lighter layers. Spring also happens to be the perfect time to travel. The weather is warming up, the biggest crowds are still a few months away and cities look fresh, crisp, as if they’ve been spring cleaned too.

If you’re looking for some springtime travel inspiration, read on:

Stylish Travel: What to wear on your spring travels

Springtime Stylish Travel

1. Kate Spade Kiss & Make Up lipstick necklace / 2. River Island Amelie superskinny jeans / 3. Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Moire / 4. Gap quilted knit bomber / 5. White v-neck tee

Can we just quickly talk about how awesome those trainers are?! I am in love. I’m also rather pleased that trainers are in style these days, because they are the perfect travel footwear: light, comfortable and cute. If you’re exploring a new destination you’ll want to pack clothes that are versatile and that don’t take up too much room: think neutral colours, some bright accessories and layers for those cooler mornings and evenings.

Best destinations for a spring getaway

Springtime Travel


I’m not sure if there’s ever a bad time to visit this vibrant city in Turkey, but I can tell you from experience that spring is pretty spectacular. There are tulips as far as the eye can see (3 million, to be precise) during the April and May tulip festival, and blossoms are splashed across the skyline whichever way you look. Plus, the sun is shining without being unbearably hot like it can be in summer, so it’s a pleasant and comfortable time to visit Istanbul.

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New York City

Although I would love to see the Big Apple blanketed in snow, the winters are so cold in New York I’m not convinced that it’s the best time to visit. Summer can be stifling and crowded in the city, which makes spring the perfect alternative. Take long walks through the park, go for sunset drinks at the top of the Standard Hotel and stroll the length of the High Line for an unbeatable city break.

The Netherlands

Springtime Travel

Amsterdam is one of those destinations that is just stunning whenever you visit. But if you head there in spring, you can take a day trip to visit the famous tulip fields of Keukenhof. It’s here that you’ll see 32 hectares of spectacularly bright flowers blooming like carpets across the landscape. It’s the ultimate spring celebration!

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Where are you travelling to this spring?

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  • Kelly Michelle says:

    I’m with you Elle, spring is my favourite season! I didn’t realise they have a big tulip festival in Istanbul, will do some investigating as thinking of returning to the city. I can’t wait to wear less clothes…bring on spring and summer! xx

  • Leanne says:

    I can confirm that while New York is beautiful in the snow it’s too chuffing cold to make the most of it! I loved it in late August the first time I visited but I think you’re right and spring might just be the perfect time for a trip x

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