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Stylish Travel Digest

Flying as it should be…

Have you ever looked around on a flight and wondered if you were having a bad dream?

That’s exactly what happens to Jennifer Aniston in this slightly bizarre Emirates ad. Although the experience Aniston describes (in-flight showers, a bar and lounge) is only available to their very pricey premium passengers, my experience flying Emirates was definitely more luxurious than many other airlines, even in economy.

I just hope there’s nothing wrong with the left phalange.

Around the world with 007

James Bond Travel

I am a massive fan of James Bond, having grown up watching the old films with my dad. I loved Spectre, especially the fashion (which may deserve a stylish travel post of its own) and, as always, the amazing destinations Bond visited.

For the ultimate tour of 007-worthy locations around the world, take a look at this great post by Kuoni, which follows some of the best Bond destinations in his colourful history.

(Another) stylish guide to Austin

A photo posted by Michelle Teague (@jmdrygoods) on

Remember when I went to Austin and checked out all the great vintage shopping on South Congress? I fell for that Texan city, and have been dreaming about the food ever since.

So when I read this stylish guide to Austin on Refinery 29, I had to stop myself booking a flight back there immediately.

Have you been to Austin?

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  • Kurt Rodgers says:

    Really interesting article! I love James Bond! I can`t wait to see it in the movie theaters. Love his suits. My husband is trying to dress like him. It is amazing. Best regards!

    • Elle Croft says:

      Haha, James Bond is one sharp dresser – and the Bond girl in Spectre is incredibly well dressed too. The wardrobe was one of my favourite things about the film!

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