Anatomy of a 90s Teen Girl’s Bedroom

I know this is a teensy bit of a departure from my usual blog posts*.

*A.K.A. totally and completely off-topic

But I thought I’d do something different today because a) winter is a total jerk who steals all of my motivation, and even when I’m staring at a list of potential blog posts that I’ve compiled for exactly this reason, literally none of them appeal to me, and b) I found some photos* when I was going through storage in Australia and they were far too good embarrassing not to share, so…you’re welcome.

*When I say photos, I mean real, physical, took them on a dodgy camera, snapped away until the film was all used up, took the film to a photo shop and waited in agonising anticipation for them to be developed photos.

They’re digitised thanks to the miracle of a scanner.

Anatomy of a 90s Teen's Bedroom

This is me. In the bedroom I inhabited from ages 15 – 18.

On the back of the photos, in faded print, is the date 29.12.01, which means I was 16 when they were taken. Who knows why I was being photographed in my pyjamas in my bedroom, but whatever the reason, I’m glad I was because how flipping awesome hideous is my bedroom?

It’s basically an explosion of 90s teen clichés. I mean, I know it’s technically the noughties, but almost everything in this time capsule of a bedroom has been pulled straight from the nineties. That spotty face included.

Anatomy of a 90s Teen's Bedroom

There’s so much to say about these two simple pictures, pulled from a dusty, spider-filled box, but what I really want to point out is the nineties glory plastered throughout them. So without further ado, I present to you:

The anatomy of a 90s teen girl’s bedroom

Anatomy of a 90s Teen's Bedroom

  1. That computer. OMG that beast of a computer. I could have sworn I wasn’t allowed one in my room, but let’s be honest, there’s only so much you could get up to without internet access. I probably just used it to write emo poetry anyway.
  2. Collage. As we were living in a rental, I wasn’t allowed to cover my walls with the pictures I painstakingly cut from magazines and newspapers. But I did have a desk, and I used it as a blank canvas, like any good 90s teen would. Photos of friends, bright flowers, butterflies, pictures of guitars and surfers and VW Beetles and hand-drawn sketches…it was a work of art and I miss that desk every damn day.
  3. Pig collection. Oh wait…that’s not a 90s teen thing, is it? Just me, then? Moving on…
  4. Tigger toy. Because Winnie the Pooh was like, totally adorable. Also, nodding dogs, which I was saving for the dashboard of my very first car. Not pictured: my teeny-tiny Rugrats backpack.
  5. Velvet heart-shaped cushion. In a garish teal. On my garish pink bedspread. On my garish baby blue bed frame (which I painted myself to match the baby blue sponge-painted walls of my old room, obvs).
  6. Mr. Men pyjamas. See weird 90s teen cartoon reference above.
  7. Dolphin paraphernalia. I thought I was so original for wanting to be a marine biologist. It was a shock to discover that literally every 90s teen was obsessed with dolphins. Bonus points for having a wind chime. Indoors.
  8. Miniature pegs. I had a lot of miniature everything, but pegs were a particular favourite. Tell me I wasn’t the only one!
  9. That lamp. I think it’s a lamp. Why the heck did I replace my precious lava lamp with this space-themed monstrosity?! Not pictured: my bright blue plastic inflatable sofa. That was a trend and a half.

Anatomy of a 90s Teen's Bedroom

There is SO much else to laugh at here: the metal box and the collage-topped coffee table (that I made at school), the photo cushion, the teddies, and the cassette tape player I used to meticulously record mix tapes from the radio (which I’ve immortalised in this playlist, this one and this one), but I’ll leave it at that.

And now it’s over to you: which of these 90s teen sins were you guilty of too?

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Anatomy of a 90s Teen's Bedroom

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  • Naomi says:

    Hahaha I love this! So many memories! We totally had the same pjs…I’m sure I copied you 😂

    • Elle Croft says:

      I probably copied you to be honest. Also, I’m pretty sure they were from ASDA? I don’t know why I remember that! But don’t even get me started on your room and all the posters of that footballer…was it Michael Owen? Oh, the memories!! Haha xxx

  • Jen says:

    OMG this is hilarious! I had lime green and blue walls that I thought were the coolest thing. I’m pretty sure I had an inflatable sofa at some point too. Sooo funny! I have teenage sisters now and I feel their rooms are way cooler than mine ever was! Maybe that’s because they have such a cool big sisters… haha! Yer right! Great post. I little deviation from the norm is always good. x

    • Elle Croft says:

      Yesss coloured walls were the BEST. Teenagers are just generally cooler these days than we ever were. They don’t have awkward years to look back on, which is actually kinda sad because finding these photos brought me SO much joy! xxx

  • Monica says:

    Hahaha, oh my gosh this is the most hideous/hilarious thing. I wish I had some photos of my teenage bedroom because it was virtually the same! Weird lamps, photo collages, velvet cushions, a weird collection of animals and yes, an inflatable sofa! Were you even a teenage girl if you didn’t have an inflatable sofa?

    • Elle Croft says:

      I know, isn’t it the best/worst? I’m so glad I stumbled upon these pictures, it’s such a gem :-) And YES for a fellow inflatable sofa owner! It was the ultimate in 90s teen sophistication, lol.

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