I count myself lucky to have been born into a travel-loving family. Growing up, we’d travel fairly regularly from Australia to my birthplace of South Africa to visit friends and family, often stopping along the way to explore new destinations.

When I was fifteen, my family moved from Australia to England (a move I wasn’t too impressed about at the time, but thankfully that changed) and so began the beginning of my obsession with travelling.

As a family, we began exploring as many destinations in the UK and Europe as we possibly could, and by the time we moved back to Australia almost three years later, the travel bug had well and truly hit.

I met and married my husband in Australia, and we spent our first anniversary on a plane to Johannesburg, to begin a┬áround the world trip that took me to destinations I’d never been to, as well as some old favourites.

Somewhat unexpectedly, we found ourselves back in the place where my love for travel was truly sparked: London. We’ve been here for seven years, and love spending our weekends exploring destinations near and far. To check out some of my travels, click on the destination image below. Hopefully this list will continue to grow as I keep exploring our beautiful world and discovering new favourite destinations!

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