Half Marathon: a Temporary Lapse in Sanity

I don’t think I’ve written about this much, but in the past few months I’ve become something of a gym addict. I am lucky enough to have a free gym available at work, with classes happening three times a day. A few months ago I decided to try doing a few classes a week during my lunch break…and as it happens, I am now completely hooked. I’m trying to go four times a week, and do a mix of spinning, boxing circuit and legs, bums & tums. It’s just plain fun, and the few of us who go regularly have a good laugh and enjoy the benefits of better health, more energy and (at long last) some ab definition!

Perhaps it was the newfound discovery of these abs that led me to do this, or perhaps it was temporary insanity, but either way I found myself signing up for the Nike Run to the Beat half-marathon in September.

Me! Running a half-marathon! I am picturing that anyone who has known me for longer than six months is currently rolling on the floor laughing, with a mixture of hilarity and disbelief. Trust me, I’m there with you. But I’m also kinda excited about this challenge and the opportunity to push myself, and make the most of being able-bodied, young, and fit. I’m nervous at the thought of running so far, and procrastinating the beginning of my training, but I will start soon, and will be pushing myself as hard as I can so I don’t disappoint myself.

I’d love to hear from you: has anyone out there run a marathon or half-marathon? What are your top tips for training, mentally preparing yourself etc? Any London readers who’s like to go for a training run together?


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  • Amanda says:

    Oh where do I begin!
    I ran my first half marathon just over three years ago. It’s an AMAZING accomplishment and feeling when you finish, it got me hooked and I am doing my 4th one this September.

    I did some shorter races before the big day, 5k and 10k (and before I had thought about a half mara did shorter races), which I would suggest. Do a 10k sometime in July or August. It gives you a nice feel of what a real race is like, and and idea if your training is on par.

    Oh I could go on and on. I wish I was in London- we could train together!

    And remember your body can do amazing things, don’t let your mind trick you into thinking any different!


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