Happy Halloween!

I have mixed feelings towards the festival of Halloween. Growing up in Australia, this was not a celebrated event, and although I knew about it from American books (thank you Babysitters Club) and films, and was visited by about two trick-or-treaters a year, I never took part in any Halloween festivities myself. Since I moved to Canada three years ago though, I decided to embrace the ‘when in Rome’ theory and started doing some decorating, some dressing up and some pumpkin crafts. Although I adore making things and I love fancy dress parties, I hate all things scary and horror-related, which is why I can only get marginally excited about Halloween. My favourite part is the pumpkin carving, which I attempted for the first time using a carving kit and stencil that Brendan bought me (my husband rocks!):

My first pumpkin carving in 2008

The following year our Canadian friends were scandalized to hear that we had never been trick-or-treating before, and subsequently took us on an adventure around our neighbourhood which found us returning home to watch Nightmare on Elm Street carrying pillowcases filled with candy! I dressed as Amy Winehouse (so classy) and feel like I embodied her quite well, especially in this charming picture:

Convincing, no?!

I also decided to try another, more complicated, pumpkin carving using the same stencil set as the year before:

Halloween 2009

This year was no exception, and although I had given up my pumpkin carving kit in the move to England, I decided to use the tools I had at my disposal and make my own stencils using pictures I printed. I created two pumpkins; one of Jack Skellington and one of Oogie Boogie, both characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas, an impressively-made film that always reminds me of my brother (who owns an awesome Jack costume). So, this years pumpkins are dedicated to him. I hope you like them, bro…and happy Halloween everyone!

This one's for you, Jrajary!

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